Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blair Justice

How irritating are the Blairs I was going to comment on this astonishing story, in the Times and all good news media concerning Mrs Blair letting off some bod because he was religious click here I was also going to post about the cold unemotional performance of Mr Blair giving evidence in the Iraq inquiry, however never got around to it till now I find them both tedious …………………..

Better not I suppose they are both honest lawyers.


  1. Honest, we think NOT !!

    Why is there a media blackout on the Hollie Greig downs syrome massive sexual abuse case from the age of 6, by a pedophile ring ; judge, social workers, teacher, nurses, solicitor etc

    What will Cherie do about this - NOTHING

    It makes me sick that people turn into blind idiots and just tut tut and turn a blind eye to our country going down the pan and allow good men/women to be hunted down like dogs.

    We have no 'good' media any more, its all drivel.

  2. Open up your eyes before its too late for everyone

  3. Watch for yourselves, then decide if you are happy to turn a blind eye Mrs Blair

  4. 3 beautiful grandchildren stolen by Kent County Council by Carter/Gilroy & Co

    mary docherty wrote:
    Although I have great sympathy and empathy for a parent who loses their child/children to death,at least that parent/grandparent/aunt/uncle can take some comfort at having a grave to visit or some other memorial place and they are in the knowledge that no one or nothing can harm that child any more (i am so sorry if i come across as callous and unfeeling)I cannot have the luxury of visiting anywhere to be near my three beautiful grandchildren,they were taken for money/profit that this and other governments pay out to unscrululous local authorities for meeting their "ADOPTION TARGETS" I WILL NEVER SEE MY THREE AGAIN,they were removed for no reason after they had been placed in my care for 2 years,so,mr brown,no respect to you or indeed your government,actually when was it anyone voted you in as pm?Magna Carta says a pm has to be voted in by the public,and,as far as i can remember,tony bliar was voted in,when he left office precott should have become pm,when were YOU voted for by the public?
    February 15, 2010 10:28 AM GMT on
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