Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Kent TV what went wrong? From a Kent Dissident

It seems that Kent’s establishment is finally waking up to public opinion, which in the case of Kent TV is almost certainly un-measurable, but there’s a feeling in the public at large that British society has split into two, the public sector in which members live a charmed life of job security, good pay and fat pensions and the rest of us look on from a harsher world where our jobs are constantly under threat, income under attack and pension non-existent.

So its no surprise that Kent council’s public sector establishment, think it perfectly reasonable to fritter away the odd million or two on some ego boosting project like Kent TV, or indeed Kent Health Watch which is totally superfluous to traditional provision of council services.

Still we have a general election in the next month or so and even Paul Carter’s Kent Tories have to be objective and think, how do things look from the world outside Kent’s bloated authority in which top bods get bonuses of 10’s of thousands pounds for just doing the job their paid for.

I was going to list this week, some of the non achievements of Kent TV but that’s history, although its probably a sobering thought even for blinkered functionaries of Kent Council that a Kent Dissident (at least that’s how I see myself faced with Kent’s establishment) can produce videos on a nokia phone and plonk them on Youtube and which have some cases, have been far more popular than Kent TV’s product.

Tonight I had intended to write about Kent Press office which I estimate, must cost upwards of £250,000 and from my point of view seems pretty ineffectual, since I am still waiting for a response to a question about Kent Health Watch from Monday last week, as far as I can see KCC need to get their act together.

It would be fair to say that Kent are right to look toward improving communication in the digital age but they could learn from amateurs like me and millions of others who have used low cost or no cost media like Youtube an Blogger to get our thoughts out to a greater world.

I hope KCC officers salvage something from the wreckage and perhaps move content already created to cheaper platforms like Youtube instead and maybe retain a couple of Kent TV personnel to advise schools and local organisation for instance how to produce content.

Kent council should review its media policy across the board like press, internet, lavish advertising budgets and stop treating the public like half wits or dissidents for wanting to know how our moneys spent and services run.

Contrary to allegations by one of Kent’s contractors who objected to me discussing Kent TV, I am sure that Kent TV staff are professionals who have done a good job.

I’d like to thank KCC officers and Cabinet members who supported me in my quest to comment on Kent council, unfettered but I can’t, so instead a big thank you to Thanet’s Blogging community and in particular Eastcliff Richard.

P S Finally why have I campaigned so hard against Kent TV, its simple really my money is hard earned and I’d prefer that Kent conservatives don’t throw it away like confetti on hare brained schemes.


  1. Well done Tony, now see what you can do here in Thanet to help stop some of the waste and stand up to the bully boy tories !

  2. Ive got to say Tony - well done. I don't know if it was this blog or thanetonline or one of the many run by Matt that i originally gave kent TV a right pasting on and consequently got a right pasting back about it - but maybe now when someone questions why myself and a few others liberaly sprinkle our waste over KCC and TDC (take the piss for those that wondered) now you know why. They both waste OUR money on follies (Turner Centre anyone)and expect us to lap it up and beg for more.
    Not a chance. Nice one for saying something positive AGAINST the grain and what we are told to believe is good for us. Keep up the good work

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    Peter Gilroy KCC CEO has been a speaker on a number of occasions

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  5. Rotten Boroughs , sure got that right

    £125,000 of rate payers money on common purpose graduates training course

    then take a look at Kent Police


    All in bed together sometimes literally !

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