Friday, September 03, 2010

Councillor resigns from Tory group

The "this is Kent" website is reporting that councillor Ewen Cameron has stood down from the conservative group and will now act as an independent on Thanet council, this follows on apparently, after a second charge of drink driving.

Simon Moore is quoted in the article and praises Mr Cameron's contribution to the council however he makes the point that these charges are serious and  incompatible with membership of the conservative group a tough and uncompromising position.

There is no doubt that drink-driving is indeed a serious matter as of course are other things such as speeding to which I believe that Simon has had a slightly more tolerant view in the past.

However as bad as drink-driving is I don't see quite how this would be viewed as incompatible with membership of the Tory party, particularly given his past sympathy for speeding motorists and even challenging safety cameras operators doing their job, detailed in this post of his blog back in 2007.

I think it rather hasty for Simon to condemn a colleague, before these cases have reached court and Cllr Cameron and has had a chance to explain the circumstances around these cases.

Simon Moore (2007)"I had a sharp exchange of words today with the civilian contractor inside the “Kent Road Safety Partnership” van."

Simon Moore Challenging  Safety Camera Bod "This has nothing to do with law-enforcement, face it you’re just a tax collector and you’re criminalising people for no reasonable purpose. Are you telling me you’ve never exceeded the speed limit?"

Well but for the grace of god.


  1. It's not enough that he resigns from the Conservative Group. He shouldn't be a flipping Councillor at all after that !! How on earth can anyone have any trust in him after he displays such a blatant lack of judgement driving whilst drunk. Please, if you have any integrity at all, stand down quietly before you drag TDC even further into the gutter.

  2. Of course all footballers, Mp's and such others should step away from the public view when caught like this!

  3. Perhaps those without sin should cast the first stone? I always thought that Cllrs should represent the communities which they serve? That means all, not just those of the same sexual persuasion, political leanings, or standards that they hold. Just because a person has an illness does not mean they can do their job!

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  5. 03:18 is right it is obvious that the Labour vultures are hovering, but it is an acknowledged illness and a bit of charity and human kindness should be shown, but that is not the socialist way, nor it would seem from the other comments

  6. 4 28 anon I've removed your comment this matter needs to go to court.

  7. Cllr Cameron has a problem and, like anyone with a problem, is deserving of some slack. As I understand it, it is his own choice to resign from the Conservative party and surely we can all respect that.

    The suggestion, however, that he should leave the council is a bit harsh and would create an unnecessary and expensive bi-election when he will be due to stand for re-election, if he so wishes, next May anyway. Why not leave it to him and the electorate to decide then and cut out all the snide and politically inspired comments in the meantime.

    I think the guy could do with a bit of support instead.

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  9. Retired, I can only assume that it is because you launch into paranoid verbal diatribes, one after another and each containing more intrigue than the previous, that people don't take you seriously. If they did you might just find yourself in court for libel.

    Your obsession with some link up between the police, adventure cadets, Deal barracks bombing, the BNP and IRA, not to mention sundry councillors, stretches the bounds of credibility to and beyond breaking point.

    All we were discussing here is some fellow human being who has a drink problem. It happens and is not linked into some greater establisment plot, so please, give it a rest, old chap.

  10. "I think the guy could do with a bit of support instead."

    Would you still be saying that if he hit another car whilst drunk and injured or killed the occupants ?