Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning

macmillan support I get a fair few requests to mention this and that and if  I have the time sometimes I will, however usually these are things that are of interest or importance to my myself,  I've probably left this a little late to mention and nobody's asked me, but its important to me, every year Macmillan cancer support hold their "Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning" it's this Friday the 24th September.

It was a Macmillan nurse who had the time and skill to explain the severity of my eldest sister's illness, herself a nurse/midwife, simple enough I suppose but not something her doctor could manage, anyway this knowledge allowed my sister, to make the most of her last week.  Without that intervention, my sister might not have had the chance to spend  a final few hours with family.

Macmillan, campaigns, helps and advises those effected by cancer, obviously cancer treatment has improved considerably over the last few years, but people will always need help from organisations like Macmillan, so this Friday you can help them to help you or someone you know.

Macmillan have a link on their website to local coffee mornings, which are open to the public like M&S Cafes click here for those in Margate, you can use the same page to search your own town. Its some years, now since my sister past on, but I think of her most days and once in a while I thank Macmillan for giving me and her family the chance to be together briefly.

Still if you can't get to one of these mornings you can always donate click here.
Macmillan coffee mornings


  1. Tony your post is very close to home for us at the moment as my Dad is fighting cancer of the Stomach,Lungs and Liver. We know how much hard work Macmillan and Cancer Research do to help those with cancer and their families.
    My Wife and Daughter always take part in the Race for Life and myself and brothers are taking part in a Cancer Research 10K run next month.

  2. My sisters cancer was of such an advanced state at the time of diagnosis that she survived less than a week, still as I mentioned the knowledge enabled my sister to sort out what was important and be surrounded by family.

    Words and advice that I could come up with are inadequate but I hopefully your dad is receiving the best help.

  3. you are the only person who can reduce me to tears on this subject, I remember the Bench and the sun rising on a glorious morning, and us talking, and yes you are right if the MacMillian nurse hadn't spelled it out in the nicest possible way, none of us would have been there, they are the most wonderful days of my family and yet the most bleak! I will never forget the moment of telling Mum the whole family are here, and she said "OH! bloody hell!" ranks right up their on funny moment's when I got hysterical and my brother started crying and she said "what the bloody hell is the matter with you two?" for moments of my mum dieing, because for a moment she was my funny Mum, rather than than a person dieing and the MacMillan Nurse gave us that, the Doctors to a man and they were men didn't give us any clue. and me a nurse!
    As you know my best friend is now a MacMillian Nurse, after she was made redundant from the NHS in 2000, along with her entire ward, MacMillian saved the Dept along with East Kent Hospital Trust.
    Also you may not know this but when my Dad was dying I had issues with his palliative care as a heart patient dying and I phoned Steph, next day a MacMillian Nurse visited his ward, and gave them a teaching session, Dad got his proper care, they don't just do cancer, , unfortunately people in the NHS don't realize they care for all, so they are rarely called for anything but cancer, and in fact I didn't know until that they are wonderful people
    to the point Steph was on a sponsored walk on Sunday to raise funds with her patients, their family and friends.
    Side note the wonderful woman who helped my Dad lost her Husband to Cancer recently.