Thursday, September 30, 2010

Recommends – Sunday night telly

Its pretty much part of my weekly routine, on Sunday get home from the first shift of the week (hopefully not the last one), make a sandwich or maybe reheat the previous nights Chinese, quick scan through the paper then collapse on to sofa, eventually struggling to regain consciousness around midnight usually to find some god awful film on, or some shopping channel with a deranged bat trying to sell me, women's undergarments so I can drop a dress size, Mrs Me having left me for dead hours earlier.

Still this Sunday woke up to an altogether more cultural offering on BBC four a film entitled "Of Time and the City" the TV listing describing it as follow " Acclaimed British director Terence Davies's love song to his native city of Liverpool, looking at the city's transformation over the years through archival footage, personal memory and a powerful soundtrack."

Still as arty farty as it sounds, this was an enjoyable nostalgic treat, with fantastic visuals, commentary and music, evocative of what I'm not sure since I've only spent three hours in that city, with two of them getting in and out, well if I get the chance to go again, having watched this film I might spend a bit longer.

This programme will I understand be available till next Sunday on BBC Iplayer, tough titties, if your reading this next Monday.

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