Thursday, September 30, 2010

Manston - 10 of these could be landing every night, what an outrage!

howmany Shock Horror! Proposals for the new night quota system for Manston airport, could result in as many as 10 a380 airbus super jumbo planes landing every night between 23:30  and 06:00, if the night quota as requested by infratil is allowed.

Of course this is a worst case scenario and the reality, would be complete completely different, although no doubt you'll be reading excitable reports in your local papers and on other blogs, any minute, still if you wish to read the proposals I suggest you click here and perhaps keep an open mind.

How did I arrive at this extreme well, infratil are asking for a Quota Count (a quota count being a measure of how noisy a plane is Boeing 747 Jumbo being QC4 on take off, QC2 on landing)  of 1995QC annually, this works out to 5.4 something a night, any how the new airbus A380 is rated at QC0.5 on landing and QC 2 on take off.

I for one would rather see the100 plus jobs at Manston maintained with the hope that many more will be created in the future, but we will see a lot of hysterical reports in the coming weeks, incidentally local councillors last time this came up for discussion took a fairly consistent line, not being overly enthused but accepting the need to do what is best for the local economy.

Still DFL's (Delusional From London's) are the prime objectors, some have the view that because they made a mint from selling their squalid little homes in London and have a few bob, we ought to be in awe and here's my advice, take your money and try buying back in to London.


  1. could not agree more dont like it dont live here should have been here when u s air force was at manston some thing to groan about then?

  2. one plane 10 jobs 10 planes 100 jobs ??? go for it

  3. No planes 1000 jobs all them acres could be developed,

  4. DFL's would be better off following the lead of EKR, then they could moan about the olympics

  5. DFL's would be better off following the lead of EKR, then they could moan about the olympics

  6. 09:29PM

    Perhaps you have not notice the acres of industrial site land we have already undeveloped in Thanet so just who do you think would be rushing to take up the extra space created by including Manston airfield. Maybe in your dreams but not in reality.

    A decent airport at Manston could do wonders for the area, for the youngsters starting out and those seeking worthwhile jobs. If the 'retired to the seaside' fraternity cannot take the noise there is always Ireland where property prices have halved.

  7. I've lived in the area for 29 years and, while supporting the future of the airport, do not want to have a relatively peaceful environment spoiled by too many additional aircraft, especially at night. I am looking for a balance. Given the obnoxious tone of your post and subsequent comments, do you have to be a locally born in-bred to have the right to comment here?

  8. yes you do have to be local, as if you are not you came here knowing there was an airport

  9. Reference to DFL's is often quoted by those who support job losses and closure of Manston.

    I accept that everyone who lives in these parts has a stake, its just that a handful of the more petty minded London exiles, have a sort of arrogance, that implies having failed to adapt to the environment in London, they expect those who live here to adapt and conform to some fantasy they have of quiet coastal town.

    Fact is not all of us are just ready to role over and die, there are still a few of us, who need to work to live.

  10. if allowing air lines to fly 24/7 means extra companys using manston then so be it i live under the flight path a small price to pay to see the air port reach its full potentional

  11. Well, Anon 0205, if only those born (and probably inbred) locally are allowed to comment, perhaps other rights and duties should be applied just to them as well. What a narrow, and almost certainly bigoted attitude you display. Perhaps burning crosses on the lawns of the "incomers"? Your logic would mean that those who visit but who don't like the idea of busy flight paths should simply stay away. "Your" economy won't last long then.

  12. A shallow point 7 23 however reference to DFL s in the context of Manston originates as far as I understand from a ramsgate blogger, who in the past has characterised locals as , chavs, nuckle dragging inbreeds blah blah

    Of course this debate should not desend into such territory but it has and it's true to a point that more than one so called DFL has taken to promoting blatant mistruth as part of the anti campaign

  13. as I understand it 75% of all flights should take off and land from the Canterbury end of the runway. As I live at virtually the end of the runway (Minster) one might think I would oppose the increase in flights, but I do not. At 72 years old I do not need to work, but our young do (if only to pay taxes to pay my pension) so I support the expansion, and every time I hear a flight take off or land I think of those who now have jobs!

  14. Do you live under the flight path Tony ?

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  16. I do love these people who go on about developing Manston for something other than an airport....

    No one is developing anything in Thanet!

  17. Notice how these DFL's love to use the term 'in-bred' when referring to the good people of Thanet. Evidently they have not noticed how many of us there are, how diverse our population or, indeed, the historic contributions to our bloodline make up.

    I refer not just to the distant lines back to the Romans, Vikings and Normans but to the troops of different backgrounds who have been stationed on our isle in the World and Napoleonic Wars. The Americans at Manston who left their mark! The numbers of servicemen and women from around the counrty who have settled locally after serving here. My own father settled in Thanet on demob from the RAF at Manston.

    Then there are the visitors who have stayed or come back to live. People sent here to convalesce who have subsequently settled.

    No Thanetians are far from in-bred, this is not some village cut off from the world in the inner reaches of Savernake Forest but a gateway to Europe and beyond.

    Having worked in the city of London for many years, I met far more chinless wonders and limited bloodline weirdos there than one ever meets in Thanet. Hence, be careful DFL's for you are in all probability more in-bred than us locals.

  18. Such a shame the night flight issue has provoked mudslinging between "locals" and "DFL's".
    I am a DFL, I moved here 5 years ago, not because I couldn't "hack it" in London living in my squalid little house ( what an obnoxious phrase ) - but because Ramsgate is a lovely place, and furthermore, a lovely "real" place. I would have moved to Whitstable or Deal if I'd wanted twee seaside town.
    I do live directly under the flight path so my opposition will no doubt be considered nimbyism -
    but, anyone who thinks that night flights and airport expansion is the way to improve Thanet is IMO complete out of touch with reality.
    It will at best provide a handful of jobs - but the cost will be enormous , falling house prices, less money coming into the area ( DFL's do have their uses you know ) not to mention the impacts on health.
    Thanet is one of the most underrated coastal areas in the UK, we have one of the most beautiful harbours and unmatched architecture - if you want to turn it into Hounslow go ahead and give night lights the thumbs up.

  19. Anon 11.10, I used the term "inbred" to match the rude patronising tone of the original post and several subsequent comments. It would seem that as a resident of the area for 29 years - not previously from London I might add - I too am not regarded as qualified to comment on the airport. I agree that people new to the area can be challenged over why they moved here when they start to criticise the sound of gulls, jetskis, or aircraft. But, as part of the diversity you claim to value, everyone should at least be allowed to air their views. I do not regard those born and bred in Thanet as inbreds, I respect them as you and others FAIL to respect others.

  20. 2:54 PM

    Just for the record I respect everyone and anyone who earns it. I simply get angry at the term inbred being used to describe people who were born and bred in Thanet.

    Actually, I suppose I am a DFL myself but, since I was only 9 when my parents settled here, and I had previously only lived around sundry RAF stations from Lincolnshire to Kent, my claim to London is by accident of birth and
    work only.

  21. I moved to Thanet near to a railway line...shock horror we can hear the trains during the day and the night and feel the vibrations.
    We also hear the planes, sometimes we use the planes to fly from Manston.
    The new aircraft being built these days are getting quieter nobody really likes noise but if you live near a main road a railway line or indeed the Airport these are all essential to bring in the goods and food that we all use, a balance has to be struck,thanks again Tony for being a realist

  22. I would like to say sorry to anyone offended by the language of my post, particularly those touchy sensitive souls who would see themselves as "Down from London's"

    The posting was intentionally provocative, because in the coming months, a lot of outrageous claims will be made by extreme cranks.

    Any resident is entitled to have an opinion, however some elements, have in the past suggested that they are superior, just by virtue of having lived in London.

    2pm Sunday seems a tad sensitive, the remark wasn't personal, although directed at those who've in the past offered that superior down from London attitude which I know is rare.