Saturday, September 25, 2010

Labour give birth to new leader its a Millibland

Sorry it's bad news I'm afraid, although the Milliband boy might look alright, however tests have shown, that he only has partial hearing, which contributes to memory loss, this is why he wont accept complicity in the Labours economic disaster, no surprise being genetically modified from previous chancer Blair and social inept Gord.

Labour will today chose one of the Milliband boys today, we are told by the pundits and yes there are worse candidates but unfortunately they are all lacking charisma and appear bereft of any really individual traits, with the exception of Diane Abbott, who despite some of her quirks would probably make a better leader than the rest in the sense of at least, not having been cloned.

Labour have a mountain to climb, in the past decade they have systematically destroyed, the ability of for want of a better phrase "working classes" to earn a living wage and no amount of glib "we made mistakes" apologies will put that right. Try we made mistakes and will fix it.

Labour had a mandate to reform and renew the State in 1997, instead the Blair years were concerned with Blair's own "Project World Leader" in which he was happy too be a whipping boy, for the US, at the expense of other people. Since Blair's leaving office it looks like no stone has been left unturned or speaking engagement refused

Instead of providing an incentive for the work shy, welfare scroungers to work, Labour walked away and created an environment, where those who had always worked, suddenly found themselves having wages undercut and being replaced and discriminated against in the workplace by cheap labour allowed in by smug Labour professionals who didn't know or care.

Labour could have made it less comfortable for life's spongers, over the last 13 years but chose not too, now Labour are blaming everyone but themselves, for the harsh economic climate, lies abound from them, Labour could have limited migration but neither cared or knew of damage they were doing, the gulf between poor and rich (which includes the Labour hierarchy) has widened. The biggest lie of course is that we have to accept anyone in the from the enlarged EU, who wishes to come here, not entirely true since most major countries didn't including France and Germany who had transitional quotas.

Labour also often cite the increased spend on health and education failing to point out that any increase has probably only kept pace with the enlarged population, well Millibland will be just the man to perpetuate Labours changed agenda, I have to say the much of Labour has for me become every bit as sleazy and offensive as did Mrs Thatcher's Tory's, still even if you hated her and the sleaze buckets that went with her, at least they never pretended to be anything other than they were, an honesty of sorts, which is why Labour would be better off with Diane Abbot at least she says what she thinks, which makes her the individual that Millibands' are not.


  1. Labour haven't done to bad without a leader. The Yougove polls of 21st sept show CON 39%, LAB 39%, LDEM 13%.
    Does not look good for Nick though.

  2. As you know many Labour professionals are expert propagandists and opportunists.

    Its no surprise that Labour pro's have zeroed in on Liberal Democrats as the fall guys.

    Common-sense would indicate that much of the Labour party has been involved in a massive fraud against the public interest.

    Locally Labour have even set themselves against the disadvantaged by mounting a campaign against social housing and siding with that cliche "not in my back garden" in a misguided attempt to appeal to broadly tory voters

  3. Well done Ed, our future PM

  4. well done i agree you should go into local Politics you have truly put the blame where it lies with Labour, what a pity that Hart and Co cant see the horrendous damage inflicted by their kith and kin on the UK and still they yearn for the Marxist dream Come on Tony let see you stand in the May election

  5. Ed Milibandhas admitted Labour have made mistakes, Tony. On identity cards and the 90-day detention without trial ( and on banking (

    Like it or not, Ed Miliband is a genuine centre-left candidate in a way which Blair and Brown were palpably not. I think you should stop kowtowing to your LibDem sympathies - which I myself am guilty of occasionally - and start viewing things through a more diplomatic lens. This anti-Labour bias of yours is getting rather tiresome. The Labour Party is a very broad church, you know, and Ed being leader is a promising move in the right direction, much more so than all those New Labour charlatans.

  6. I D cards small beer really, illegal war, contempt for working people, still crank views are always welcome here 6:18

    I note the strange non appearance of a comment I made on the unique Mark Nottingham's site.

    Free speech always here on bignews

  7. If I was a Labour supporter, which happily I am not, what would have worried me was the manic leer, that passes for a grin, on Kinnock's face when the leadership result was announced.

    It was the same cocky 'boyo' look that cost Labour the 92 election when, according to the polls, they should have creamed it. With backers like the ginger Lord, who incidentally was never going to set foot in that place, Ed M has a mountain to climb.

    As to Anon 12:27 PM, don't forget that back in the Thatcher era, when she was destroying the country along with the unions, Labour were regularly ahead in the polls until it came to election time. The electorate don't always like the medicine that is frequently necessary after years of Labour but, they do understand the need for it.

    Don't worry yourself about Nick and the Lib/Dems either, for they are doing what is necessary, are holding offices for the first time in a life span and will ultimately reap the benefit of their actions.

  8. Labour did not make any mistakes Tony, their instructions from above were carried out to the letter. Perhaps the only mistake they made was the blatancy with which they furthered this insane world agenda. The same agenda, incidentally, that dodgy Dave and his sidekick noxious Nick are perpetuating.

    Miliband's grandpa was involved in the Tsar of Russia's demise, for oil, amongst other things, as a member of 'Communist International', a Brussels based Zionist organisation. So be assured if young Eddie ever assumes the hot seat, it will be more of the same, I'm afraid, and then off to a seat on the board of some shyster bank, no doubt.

    When will the British electorate wake up to this ridiculous two-party nonsense? Or perhaps that should be two-and-a-half party nonsense, now we have been hoodwinked into believing we have a 'hung' parliament. What a corker that is!

    Makes no odds, the British people have been without political voice since the Bank of England was established... I wonder if Peter Snow knows that? LoL.

  9. I don't see how encouraging seeing political matters through a more "diplomatic lens" is a "crank view."

  10. I voted for Neil Kinnock back then, though I admit it was the revelation that he's a big Gene Vincent fan that swayed it for me.

  11. The last post (no pun intended) speaks volumes for the wisdom of the great British electorate. How could anyone vote for the 'Ginger Peer' regardless of his taste in music?

  12. And many Liberal Democrat professionals are liars and electoral deceivers who have shown themselves to be simple lapdogs for their Tory masters. Someone should bring back the Spitting Image puppets of years ago. Remember the fawning little David Steel - though at least he fawned to his Social Democrat "boss", David Owen, rather than to the Tories the Party has traditionally hated. I would never vote for them again.

  13. Of course if you do decide to stand, Tony, you'll very soon attract criticism and vitriol from those whom you offend. It's a sad fact of public life nowadays. The encouragement from those who see you now as the "local boy" will soon change into hostility if you make decisions or compromises that others do not support. You can't run around bleating to all and sundry then.

  14. 07:37 PM

    Would the Lib/Dems have been liars and deceivers had they done a deal with Labour to keep Gordon Brown in power? I very much doubt it in your view.

    As to you never voting for them again, it was never on the cards anyway as you are so obvioulsy a Labour supporter right down to your little red socks.

  15. If, 07.37, they had gone back on or ditched their principles and promises in such a coalition, yes, I would have said exactly the same. And sorry to disabuse you but I did vote Lib Dem tactically, because they were the best chance - I thought - of kicking out the Tory MP.