Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Thanet Council Giveaway – under scrutiny and under siege

Just a quick one, we've all seen various local politicians posture re. plans to build affordable housing, the Tories have taken the high moral ground on this issue offering to support the development of the derelict Warren Court Hotel, currently a blooming eyesore and I suspect a health hazard to surrounding residents, and Clive Hart's "Local Labour" have decided that they are against affordable housing, favouring a few blades of grass rather than families in need of homes.

Anyhow one issue which needs addressing is the gifting of the "green" by the council, the councils scrutiny committee have called it in for an examination(Wed 8th Sep), as to why Thanet council are to give away land for nothing, admittedly it will go to a housing association which I believe has charitable status.

However some of us believe charity begins at home, so this committee is going be asking questions. As I recall Thanet Council previously gave away a large chunk of sea front land to a Conservative Kent Council, in connection with the Turner Contemporary who its worth noting, managed to select a project for the gallery, which failed big time and has cost several millions to the local economy and will probably be about four years late in opening.

Rumour has it that Labour activist will be organising a protest prior to the meeting, at the councils offices, anyhow if you have an interest, the meetings at 7:00pm, in Council Chamber, God knows we pay a small fortune, those who "manage" our council (officers),  any how the meeting as far as I know is in public unless the politicians decide to exclude the public.

For those of you who have never attended a meeting at the council, its fairly simple, I'm going from memory, just go in the main door of the council offices, walk past the security bod or ask for them for assistance, then to the lift, I think you want the third floor, anyway its the top floor, when the lift opens, walk forward and follow the corridor off to the left, until you reach the end,  as you enter the council chamber you will notice in front of you no expense has been spared on comfort, just inside to the left you might find a copy of the agenda and whatnot. Now before you get above yourself, look over your right shoulder, you will see the public gallery, if the meeting, is well attended, note, the less than generous proportions, if not you will be able to marvel at cramped seating, reminiscent of the fleapit cinemas of the past but not as grubby, well not quite, although not far off, once seated you'll appreciate, the ergonomic design, as you settle down it will immediately become apparent that these seats are designed to be uncomfortable from the first minute to last.

The simple fact is the public are a blooming nuisance, particularly to council officers and politicians, admittedly your councillor is undoubtedly there because he or she has a sort of passion for well, something, politics, policy, community or the sound of their own voice, but officers its their job career, ambition and meal ticket and the last thing many of them want is Joe public taking an interest.

My advice to you, members of the public that is go, take an interest and remember your paying for the charade that purports to be democracy. Scrutinise! make the blighters uncomfortable and insist on proper management of assets and putting people first not bloody blades of grass!


  1. You keep banging on about "families in need of homes" and "affordable housing". It's farely obvious that there's not much shortage of affordable housing in Cliftonville. What benefit is another bunch of properties destined to be trashed and boarded up?

  2. What benefit is an area of grass, within easy distance of a proper playground and grassed seafront facility, usually a depository for mattresses and more unspeakable discards when not being used for some Labour propoganda project?

    I assume also Tony, when you speak of a protest, that means the usual vociferous rent-a-mob gathering. Democracy in practice means shout down, rather than debate with, the other side.

  3. LIB/LAB/CON self serving party will never give a dam about families apart from destroying them for profit and large payouts from government for doing so.

    There is really no point wasting your breath on these idiots just refuse to vote for any of them.

  4. I am sure the council and its member THINK they know what is best for Thanet.

    Anon 2.36 you can change nothing from the outside YOUR vote is priceless

  5. Anon 9.47 Some houses or homes in Cliftonville are little better than squats and you assume people dont want decent housing. Given better the vast majority would move on. You will always get those who lack the ability for whatever reason to others standards. But that also happens in all walks of life. Many a millionaire has disputes with neighbours over hedges and boundary's etc.

  6. Not at all. My point is that something should be done about tidying up the current housing stock before anything new is built.