Monday, February 21, 2011

BBC Reporting Kent Democracy or not? And Tory snouts in the trough

Being no stranger to obsessive or repetitious blogging  and all that entails, last Friday I emailed  Mick Rawsthorne (Regional Manager BBC SE) further following on from comments I made about BBC TV local coverage.

Tony flaig
to mick.rawsthorne

18 Feb (3 days ago)

Hi Mick
As a regional manager for the BBC can you tell me, why BBC coverage of local democracy is so poor across the county of Kent.

This morning listening to BBC Radio Kent, between six and seven, only a very minimal reference was made concerning KCC's budget meeting, since the programme in question is news based why no thorough report.

Kent councils budget, will directly effect every one who lives in the county, so why such mimimalistic coverage, what are the reasons, is it bias, lazyness or ignorance.

As a public service provider of broadcast media, I feel you have a duty to report the democratic process not hide as seems to be the case.

Although I spend much of my working life using a shovel I feel, I could do a better job than you and your colleagues.

Cheers tony Flaig

Unfortunately Mr Rawsthorne was unable to reply himself (some surprise) although he did delegate to a subordinate staff member, who confirmed that BBC South East, had sent a journalist to cover the Kent council Budget Meeting, however he claimed there was nothing new to report, well one item not  mentioned was the reaction of Tory leader Paul Carter and his Tory group, at the suggestion of Liberal Democrats, that councillors ought not in these tough times, to be getting free lunches paid for by you and I. An issue treated eloquently and entertainingly by Paul Francis of Kent Messenger Group.

Still if you need convincing that the BBC, when they cover politics in Kent do a proper job, the BBC exec, having informed me that BBC have "extensively" covered "cuts" in Medway and looked at KKC's (KCC surely) "challenges", added this "Indeed, Paul Carter is a regular on Breakfast - alongside his colleagues managing individual portfolios. Which of course,  just further troubles me, does this BBC bod, really believe Paul Carter and his colleagues, all Tories, are the soul representatives of political opinion in Kent.

Of course it might be that staff at BBC regional outposts such as BBC Radio Kent, are completely ignorant of local politics (as are consequentially, their audience) or maybe they don't give a toss, still the most likely reason is the BBC's obsessive pursuit of ratings.

The BBC is a publicly funded broadcaster, which in Kent, fails to offer balanced reporting, I note when I've mentioned this previously, Conservatives have suggested my claims of bias are fanciful, which they would with the one sided reporting they currently enjoy.

Still this is just my view and others are available.

If nothing else, you would have thought even most unimaginative, BBC bod might have spotted both the entertainment and news value of story concerning 70 odd tory councillors getting excited more about a free lunch than serving the public interest. Funny old world really.


  1. 'birds of a feather flock together'

    The BBC are well known to contain large numbers of 'common purpose' graduates and so does the KCC

  2. And I suppose this fairly biased comment passes for responsible journalism?

  3. Anon 12.58 could be right, nobody can say he/she is either right or wrong. But it could be that the BBC reporter just fell asleep and skived off early and missed the free lunches debate.
    The reporter may also have missed the debate on how the subsidised bus service is to continue. This affected many in rurual Kent and especilly those who have no other means of transport.
    Its been given a stay of execution for 9 month to see if mini buses belonging to charity groups could be used instead. But KCC has the money to keep it going as they were able to tuck away another £3 millions that was a windfall this year.KCC also has a vested insterest with at least 25 services run by KCC's own privste enterprise - Kent Top Travel. I cant imagine they will want to axe this company.
    There was also nothing about the £50 millions of Icelandic Banks funds, £9 millions recovered so far but any more looking dubious. What are they going to do with it if it is recovered?

  4. I'd have thought you would have been quite pleased at the Tory bias. After all, following the election you LibDem turncoats are really Tories anyway

  5. If the Lib/Dems are really Tories, it does not say much for Labour's chances under AV with the Lib/Dems and UKIP putting the Tories as second choice. Who, in their right mind, would put Labour first or second choice.

  6. People who believe that Labour is the best option for the country. Millions hold that view, just as millions - including you - feel that the Conservatives or Lib Dems occupy that spot. It is called democracy. Deal with it. No-one needs to apologise for supporting Labour, any more than Tory supporters needed to apologise in the aftermath of their 1997 defeat.

  7. Anon 4.17 you can let the experts predict what would have happened under AV. see
    They predict that the 2010 election would have resulted as C300,L238 and LD 87 instead of the 307/258/57
    Current polls show an AV result of C242,L351,LD33 instead of 255/356/14.

    Looks like AV favours LD, then Lab with the current poll data.


    IT's ALL a BIG CON

    which is why people in their millions will


    The company, which makes Trident nuclear missiles, cluster bombs and F-16 fighter jets, won the £150m contract to run the census on behalf of the Office for National Statistics (ONS

    seems they want to know all about us yet keep their dirty dealings well hidden both nationally an local , nothing will change until we do

  9. If we are to create a better future for our children, a better world for everyone, we need to REJECT the mass media NOW. Tony's example above makes it all too apparent that the BBC is not on our side.

    The mass media, the political system, the education system, the healthcare system, the social services, the police force, the military are all tentacles of the same multinational/banking interests that have infiltrated and taken over not just this country but virtually everywhere else.

    It really is time to stop denying the so-called "conspiracy theory" and realize that this all pervasive and ubiquitous cancer must be cut out as quickly and painlessly as possible, on a global scale.

    Because if we do nothing now, our future generations, vastly reduced in numbers, will find themselves in such an impossible position of chemical and scientific subordination that future freedom will forever be impossible and our progeny will become stunted, servile dwarfs with a lifespan of some 50 years.

    Oh and by the way, the BBC will NOT be reporting that the unrest in the middle east is partly designed to disrupt production in that region and push the oil price to $200/barrel, or that globalist interests will then open up the huge American oil reserves that they have been keeping quiet about in their bid to consolidate global control and make a killing into the bargain.

    It's now or never folks, get informed. You are the resistance!

  10. With the blogs dominated by the conspiracy theorists, people who repeatedely thrust their point of view onto the rest of us without ever entering into debate, I think it is time to retire.

    The one consolation is that even the smallest circulation local rag has a greater following than the blogs.

    So farewell to the LAB/LIB/CON theory, the revolting people who have seen through the plot, Deal bombings and illegal ranges, Retired, infowars et al!

    I will leave you to enjoy your ongoing fantasies.

  11. There's none of that sort of thing on the Naked in Thanet & Margate Music Man blogs 11:41!

  12. Nice of you to grace these pages Peter even if just to plug your own blogs a rare honour

  13. I thought that was the whole point of naked, Peter, there is nothing on it. Sorry, but legalised flashing is not my scene.

  14. I only came here looking for nudity & rock 'n' roll Tony!

  15. I also thought there might be a recent post about Margate, but no such luck...

    Any thoughts on the (supposed) plans for a permanent lifeboat house to be built on the main sands Tony?

  16. er why not do your margate centric blog Peter, you could make a differencee

  17. If you swap freedom for security, then you do not deserve either one

    good riddance to those that wish to keep their heads buried in the sand, carrying on watching the TV

    the rest would be wise to sit up and listen before its too late

    Kent Freedom Movement

  18. Of course, 12:25, I forgot to include the hijacked legal(ese) system in my list.

    Britain's two-tier society:

  19. One has to wonder if, in fact, there really is more than one conspiracy theorist. After all, Anon 12:25 is responded to by common porpoise, who is also and the Kent Freedom Movement rolled into one. Must think we are all as idiotic if this is meant to give the impression of multiple support.

  20. So unfair to Clive who, as evidenced by his 'twitter' comments, devotes at least a part of everyday to the cause. The man is a true socialist in the mould of Mandelson, Campbell, Prescott, Kinnock and Blair and he is in it for us, the people. If, like the others, he seems to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in the process well, one has to say, it is no more than he deserves. You keep swimming and leading, mate, for the Tories cannot believe their luck in having you on the other side.