Monday, February 28, 2011

Fuel protest evaporates – Hurrah !–for now

This morning instead of my normal Monday routine, I made a big mistake and rather than listen to Desert Island Discs podcast (Dame Anne Owers, who?) as I travelled to London, I thought I'd risk BBC Radio Kent which at six, piped up with the usual depressing sort of news, KCC can't fix roads but they can pay out huge sums to departing staff.

As is the way with BBC Radio Kent, its seems to be policy that BBC reporters are not required to adopt a quizzical approach on Kent council business, least not from a balanced political type way (in my opinion).

Still could the Monday morning commute, be any more depressing, well yes, news that a group of fuel protestors are threatening to screw up rush hour traffic from 08:00 onwards, fortunately my rush hour is generally not the same as the office bods, mine takes place between 05:00 and 07:00 only getting busy with a bit of argy bargy as I shoehorn my way into the Blackwell Tunnel approach, once through the tunnel its an easy drive to my destination, assuming Hackney council don't decide block the road with a blimin dust cart.

Maybe direct action is the way forward, however, I have bad memories, of the last time fuel vigilantes took direct action, Mrs Me, not noted for filling the Flaig Limo at the best of times, didn't think to top up the tank, by the time I quizzed her it was too late. My complacent attitude meant a week with no car, I would have paid a pound a litre, premium to fill the tank.

Anyhow the expected protest didn't happen today and only 5 cars turned up and despite BBC Radio Kent building up the expectation, South East England was not plunged into chaos and when I got to the tunnel approach it was as if someone had squirted WD40 down the northbound barrel of the Blackwall Tunnel only a brief hold up. At work with time to spare, and a leisurely chew on my bacon roll, washed down with the finest coffee in North London ;–) 

Still with all the unrest in the Middle East fuel prices will continue the inexorable climb, any day now, Gaddafi will be out on his earhole and the US and EU will help smooth the path of democracy and the supply of oil but don't get too comfortable.

Long term, many of us are guaranteed to be priced out of the fuel market for our vehicles and reliant on public transport, its an idea, we need to get used to, the demand for fuel will accelerate in the growing economies like China who manufacture the goods in our shops and India who answer our phone calls, unless of coarse we go back to manufacturing and doing our own admin.


  1. The perceived food and oil shortages have been deliberately manufactured to stir up chaos worldwide - "Order from Chaos" - with the intention of ushering in world governance.

    Historically in these situations, we in Britain are the last domino to fall, at least that was the case in the Great Depression, admittedly the Pound was the world reserve currency back then. The facts that we are not in the Euro and that operational HQ is in The City, might indicate that we will be the last to feel the pinch this time too.

    Once the Dollar collapses, the 'solution', that we shall not be in a position to refuse, will be the one world fiat currency, initially introduced as the SDR, or special drawing rights, which is already in use for international money transfers. The IMF has proposed a snappy name for the eventual currency unit, namely the 'Bancor', and cash will be a thing of the past.

    This may not, at first glance, seem such a big deal to most people and the media will be pushing it like it is the best thing since sliced bread but, believe me, upon deeper inspection, the implications upon our freedoms and lifestyle are TRULY HORRIFYING.

    My hope is that the people of the world will be sufficiently informed as to be able to recognise what is happening and to resist the loss of their national and monetary sovereignty with everything they've got.

  2. 11 37 It is just me but as soon as get a wiff or worldwide conspiracy I tend to stop reading.

  3. I am with you Tony. Since politicians seem frequently incapable of organising a local bun fight, the thought of them collectively agreeing on some format for world governance is laughable. Still, it keeps little minds happy.

  4. I'm with both of you - didn't even get to the end of the first sentence. Never mind, soon be time for his next medication.

  5. I hope it's just you two, although I am 99% certain that Bluenose is a paid dis-info agent. History tells us that collaborators are small minded idiots, lacking foresight and common sense.

    There is no "theory" about it Tony, it is all there in black and white. If you care enough to read about it, I am happy to provide the links from official sources that will back up everything I have stated.

  6. Make that five now. The trouble with you 2:40 PM lies in the 'black and white' in that you believe the rubbish you read. It is easy enough, if you trawl around, to find articles on conspiracies but, most of us, are able to see them for what they are, stories and fantasies.

    Try really hard to think about the mechanics, logistics and collaberation necessary to bring about world government. Heck, we cannot even agree within the British Isles let alone worldwide.

    Others have recommended medication, which might help, but growing up might also do the trick.

  7. Anon 2:40, did I hear you say the magic word 'paid!' If only that were true but, no, you get the benefit of my literary wit and opinions all for free I am afraid.

    Mind you, if you are offering a bit of cash to write a few conspiracy stories I will happily oblige.

  8. 3:06,
    "we cannot even agree in the British Isles"

    We've been governed by these fascist sleazebags for the last 200 years, we don't have any choices to agree or disagree about, unless you are referring to the 2 party puppet show they put on for us... God help us!

    But I hope you are right that the logistics etc will make it impossible worldwide, that doesn't mean they are not trying though.

    Open your friggin' eyes, please!

  9. Here's some black and white rubbish from the IMF, proposing the SDR/Bancor:

  10. You seriously are a sad person, 3:44, and you must worry yourself half to death. Why don't you close your eyes for a change, relax, read a good book, smell the flowers, have a massage or whatever gives you your kicks and enjoy your freedom whilst you have it. After all, the end may come quicker than you think but don't quote me on it. (I honestly do not have any inside information).

  11. It is you who should be worried 4:42, your beloved two-tier society is about to come crashing down.

    Make the most of it while you can, old fruit.

  12. What two tier society is that then. The one where train drivers in Wales get £39,000 a year for a four day week whilst an infantry soldier in Afghanistan puts his life on the line for £16,000. Where someone who can kick a football, but is otherwise brain dead, earns in excess of £100,000 per week whilst a young teacher gets £21,000 pa.

    Come on, explain to me what you mean by your two tier society. Surely not the old 'haves' and 'have nots' rubbish.

    I am not your old fruit nor would I use such an expression so, if you want to be taken seriously, cut out the terms of endearment and explain what you mean for a change. Having asked that before I will not be holding my breath on an answer. I do not think you have one.

  13. The simple answer to that is the 10% of society that are subject to Common Law, the law of the land, as determined by their 'breeding', education, connections etc, versus the majority of us commoners who are conned into being manipulated and extorted by Commercial Law, the law of the sea.

    There is more to it than that, but that is the simplest distinction.

    Fact is, we are all subject to Common Law as it is the only law, whereas the other concoction is made up of legislation (or statutes) designed for the purpose of extracting money from the peasants.

    So there you have it, old bean.


  15. In 2009 it was 80%, what is it now?

  16. The Counterfeit Economy

  17. In an ealier post you state my beloved two tier system is about to collapse and then you announce that there is a top 10% and the rest of us common people.

    Do you seriously think that I, or any one blogging in Thanet, is part of the top 10% by aristocratic birth, inherited privilege or unfathomable wealth.

    You have simply confirmed your own total fruit case status, old bean, old fruit, or, as is more likely, old nutter!