Thursday, February 24, 2011

Only in Thanet can democracy be thwarted by one security guard and a Building Services Assistant

The last three occasions I've attended public meetings at Thanet District council the doors to the council offices have been locked either preventing the public entering or leaving. Richard Samuel back in September gave every impression that he was on the case! (it made no difference on next visit)

Feeling that such incompetence ( in my opinion) is a little more than coincidence I thought I'd contact Richard Samuel Chief Exec to seek assurance that I could indeed visit a public meeting with what on passports used to say was "Without let or hindrance".

No surprise Mr Samuel was "in a meeting", helpful staff put me through to someone who describe himself as "Building services assistant", things didn't go well when I suggested that Mr Samuel was his boss, " no he wasn't " came the reply, innocently I asked what is his name, born in the 1950's my non political correct question met with it might be a women. (Eventually he did agree ultimately Mr Samuel was boss)

Taken aback that Mr Samuel was not the boss, I forgot the persons name, "I told you already", things deteriorated

I came back to the core question, can you guarantee that the door will be open? How can I? apparently it all depends on chance and toiletry requirements of the security guard.

I going to take a chance and hope that this time?



  1. Well, no 'Sad and angry rant' from Tony so reckon he must have succeeded in getting in. Looking forward to his fly-on-the-wall twitterings later...

  2. yes got in 25% success rate over last four visits well flippin done peps

  3. "THE spirit of liberty is dying in Britain, crushed by the authoritarian socialist state. The great historian AJP Taylor once remarked that the only agents of the state that a Victorian citizen was likely to encounter were either a postman or policeman. But today we are constantly harassed by a vast army of zealous officials, checking on everything from the contents of our bins to our ethnic origins."