Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boring Biased and Conservative? BBC in Kent

IS IT ME? Watching BBC's  South East tonight programme a brief mention was made of KCC's budget even a quick comment from Kent Conservative leader Paul Carter but as always it seems no view from any other political party, admittedly out of 84 councillors only 11 are not Tories but come on.

Whether by laziness, bias, stupidity, lack of interest or whatever the BBC which you and I fund with our money fails in my opinion to represent fairly political opinion.

From the poor coverage, given to this topic its my view BBC in the south east could not give a flying toss, for what is, an area of government which touches those things closest to us, our schools, our libraries, our social services, our environment, our roads and future.

I've mentioned BBC's local regional reportage, more than once I know its boring but the BBC has a duty to report and support the democratic process. Its a disgrace in my opinion, that they don't bother still if you work for the BBC maybe you could justify yourself.

Thank god for KM's Paul Francis (political editor)

Paul Francis Twitter Stream which detailed the Counties Budget debate as it happened



  1. Unbelievable that anyone could find the BBC, dear old PC, left wing Auntie biased to the Conservatives. Boring, perhaps, but anything other than lefty, never. Then again, perhaps they are worried about their licence money.

  2. Government controlled media - who'd have thought it, one party LIB/LAB/CON bolotic's

    KCC arguing over their free lunch's and a mere 1% reduction in allowances, quite sickening really

    My point is ... Bullies in power are bullies in power... from the perspective of emotional intelligence ... it boils down to the same behavioral patterns....
    they need to feel/perceive themselves as in control and the services being provided are very much secondary.

    Some are there because they want/need the status to inflat their own egos and simply enjoy the domination while others are insecure ( majority?) and are afraid for themselves and their jobs/positions.

  3. See 10.40 is talking about Clive Hart again in his last paragraph. Otherwise it is the usual meaningless diatribe.

  4. As far as I can make out the financial crisis stopped as far as the BBC were concerned on May 6th 2010. After that it was savage Tory cuts all the way. So this must be usual LibDem paranoia. 1032 is right - Auntie could no more be right wing than fly to the moon.

  5. I think Councillor Chris's intervention indicates that your erstwhile Tory friends are now growing impatient with you, Tony. Election Day must be fast approaching.

  6. The KCC leadership has been very critical of the size of the formula and other grants given to it over the last few years. Last year the increase was only 3.4%, moan moan moan. Even after moaning last year they have still produced a surplus of over £8 millions. They did not say that they thought the economy was in a mess and local authorities should be given no increase. They still carried on with their pet waste of money projects and overstaffing. But this year its a cut of 10% and KCC seems to be able to produce a budget without to much fuss. They have even been able to do this with the Chief Financial officer being on leave since last November.
    But the consequece of this budget is that many staff will loose their jobs in the next year and some Kent residents will have to pay more for paid for services.
    As the Libdems council leaders said in their recent letter to the Times, the front loading of cuts was not necessary and will lead to more misery in the local economies.

    The only major revelations from yesterdays KCC Budget setting council meeting were that £3 millions of this years surplus is still a surplus for next year, subsidised bus services to continue for 9 month of the next budget year, residents that use over 60's bus passes will have to buy tickets from 9 to 9.30.

    The libdem leader also stated that she was one of the signatures to the Times letter and apart from some tory councillors speaking for some of the amendments and then voting against them that was it.

  7. Oh dear! No indication of anything, just an open question. I will answer if I am able, or direct to the person who can (or should be able to :)

  8. Never mind tone, something to cheer you up from last night.

    Quarry & Coton Hill Division, Shropshire UA. LD gain from Con. LD 356 (41.8%, +5.7),
    Con 269 (31.6%, -12),
    Lab 197 (23.1%, +23.1),
    Ind 30 (3.5%, +3.5).

    Swing of 8.9% from Con to LD since 2009.

  9. Just latched onto this and almost fell off my chair laughing at the suggestion of a Conservative slanted BBC.

    Have you never watched Question Time where week after week a collection of rabid lefties and spotty youths, not too mention a couple of raucous ladies in head scarves, are trundled out to cheer on the Labour panel member and boo the Tory (now add Lib/Dem ministers to that).

    In the chair, David Dimbleby seeks to throw a spanner in the works, anytime it looks like the right may be winning a debate, by asking some question about the sinking of the Belgrano or the invasion of Suez regardless of the subject under discussion.

    Oh, but the audience are chosen from a cross section of the community if you count the two old red faced port drinkers who are planted as the token Tories. They collect their free bottle of Taylors on leaving for taking part and occassionally shouting "Jolly good show, what," just to prove their credentials.

    This was meant as a humorous post I trust.

  10. Question Time , my lord people dont still watch that drivel I hope ?

    The BBC operates for the one party the LIB/LAB/CON party !

  11. 1:27 AM - Surely it is far better to watch drivel in private than to sit up into the early hours writing it on other peoples blogs?

  12. Before I go any further may I suggest a bit of background reading,Orwell's 1984 admittedly I last scanned this some years ago, however it gives some good pointers to anyone in politics or even any persuasive type communications.

    BBC are favouring without a doubt the conservative administration in Kent, which, being charitable probably is nothing to do with bias but any of the following lazyness, ignorance, lack of interest, or pursuit of viewing figures.

    For Chris Well to answer why am I being taxed to provide for "unique" public broadcasting which doesn't cover democracy, as far as I can tell not only does Paul Carter not represent most of Kent I am sure even some of his own colleagues are not to keen.

    Just as a side issue Cllr Wells you will also be aware of how much effort your conservative group put into PR at the Taxpayer expense.

    It is a fact that BBC did not cover any of the points put by anyone other than Paul Carter, a clear and unequivocal bias, at national level, the bbc would not conclude the budget with a quick quote from the prime minister, as should be the case

  13. There seems to be a pre-occupation among certain local bloggers and commentators over the times people post. Some people keep unconventional hours, either because of the jobs they do or the social lives they maintain. This may mean they blog late into the night. No issue with that at all. Making it a basis for comment, or going further, as some notorious bloggers have done, to suggest mental ill-health or to demean the character of the person posting is laughably wide of the mark.

  14. Surely it depends what they comment and reading back it appears the suggestion of drivel was more about content than time. The repetitive references to the Lab/Lib/Con party does get frightfully tedious, what?

  15. Wonder if John Warnik knows he is supposed to be biased towards the Tories. Maybe someone should tell him!

  16. Tony

    Paranoid. Surely not? BBC right wing? Unbelievable. 1984? Irrelevant. LibDems? Pointless.

  17. Cor blimey guv... no wonder the country is in such a state.

    The beeb ain't there for our benefit, it's a propaganda machine for mass mind control, especially with HDTV, which is more efficient at putting the viewer's brain into alpha state.

    Cash in your TV licence folks, reality is far more exciting than that mundane garbage... give it a try, you won't be disappointed, I promise.

  18. Boring, Biased and Callous BBC pushing killer vaccines:

  19. 9:55 Just where do you get your stories? If someone wrote in some obscure paper somewhere that the LAB/LIB/CONS were importing killer spiders for population control, you would believe it. Indeed, I am amazed you are still about and have not dashed off to the lakes to see the new Nessie.

  20. Freenote you are absolutely correct.

    Of course those that voted for the LIB/LAB/CON or still beleive that Brown or Cameron really have any say in anything , will have trouble understanding.

    Too many secret societies and charities making huge profits within the media and government, are being paid to keep them in snooze land. Fabian 1984 is just the template.

  21. Put together 1984 and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World of 1932, and you have the full picture.

    They will of course eventually deem parents to stupid to raise their own children and will remove them all together and have them 'brought up' (programmed) by the State. Of course the sheeple will let them because they were too busy watching the tel-lie-vision to notice or stop it happening.

    Debating whether or not the BBC were bias or boring will be the least of the future generations problems if something isn't done about it soon.

  22. I see someone is back to not just talking to himself again, but also agreeing with his previous comment under another guise. How freaky is that!!