Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fat Cats about to be pickled

The days of fat pay cheques for local authority Chiefs may well be over thanks to local government minister Eric Pickles.

In future councils will have to approve salaries over £100,000 with a vote by full council.

So hopefully no longer will councillors be having ludicrous conversations with taxpayers in which he or she claims, we have no choice, we have have to pay this sort of money as they try to justify some fat pay packet given to an officer with even less ability than themselves.

Even better perhaps we will see the end of mind boggling deals as was the case, in my opinion with a one year extension of Peter Gilroy's (chief exec KCC), contract which cost more than £400,000, for reasons which I think have yet to be explained to the public at large by Kent Tory boss Cllr Paul Carter.

Clearly Eric Pickles is one Conservative who understands that money spent in local government is that which belongs to the community at large. The sooner Kent Tories also learn this the better.

Story from Telegraph worth a gander


  1. Bravo Mr. Pickles! A step in the right direction, but £100,000 is a bit high in today's climate. These limpets need a strong dose of reality, and quick.

  2. Maybe their weekly timesheets must be published and also be approved. They do account for their time dont they?
    Tony what are you doing at this time? you should be watching the KCC all day budget meeting.

  3. Cameron's BIG SOCIETY !!!

    Would not hold your breath on Pickles being one of the good guys

    £100,000 is far too much and should be halved if not quartered
    including ALL time sheets/accounts published not HIDDEN or altered

  4. 2:41: There is an interesting theory on Stalin's lineage.

  5. wtf has Stalins lineage got to do with councillors remuneration??

  6. Ignorance is bliss, I know 9.24, I was there once myself, but Stalin's lineage (and legacy) has everything to do with our current predicament, including councillor kick-back, ahem, I mean remuneration.

  7. He seems to have been let out again or perhaps his carer wasn't looking! I blame it all on Hitler myself.

  8. Au contraire Bluenose, Adolf Hitler's papa was sprung from the loins of the Viennese branch, and that is confirmed old fruit.