Sunday, November 20, 2011

Out of the gloom

out ot the gloom

I wonder if I’m the only person, who isn’t feeling that the world is about to end under an avalanche of worthless euro’s. Never the most thoughtful after a long nightshift, I couldn’t help noticing that after several hundreds of years, people are still building in London, despite all the gloom of lefty media types, the fantastic shard development, still under construction inspired the following thought.

Yes the economy is being rejigged, its only natural when more than half the population are either employed by the state, or bleeding it dry, an illusion that cannot continue, however  the Shard emerging out of the early morning mist is no illusion, capitalism works, the state just drains you.

Well that’s my thought for the day, and now I shall get some sleep, Cranes over London


  1. Totally irrelevant, but because our Labour friends always like to introduce stories of disgraced Tories, why don't you do an item on Messrs. Isley, Chaytor, Devine and Morley, who were Labour's parliamentary committee detached at HM pleasure. Or maybe the Labour Baroness who is to be allowed back into the Lords despite not paying back one penny of the £125K she fiddled.

    What about the Mayor who went go-karting instead of turning out for his town's remembrance service or the councillor who left his wife and kids for the Planning Officer. There's a million stories in the political pot if you want to go fishing for them.

    What does it all prove? That politicians are fallible and no party has a monopoly on crooks, adulturers or plain nasty folk. Nonetheless, little Labour minds get great childish delight out of a Tory scandal. They are even still dragging up Aitken when we have had dozens of equally juicy misdeeds since. What sad little minds they must have!

  2. Capitalism works does it? Well, I agree some elements of Capitalism "work" but the unregulated free- market version? Come on, it's the reason the global economy nearly flatlined and the reason why the taxpayer had to bail out banks to the tune of hundreds of billions. It's also the reason why there's such a massive gap between the rich and the rest of us. Also why else do you think people are earning less in relative terms and paying more? Or how about immigration, you right whingers love that one: couldn't have something to do with globalised, free-market Capitalism could it.

    Still, we can blame all of our economic problems on those damned lefties in the media (The Guardian: readership about 300,000 and the likes of Paxman, Humphreys, Robinson at the BBC?) and in the public sector? They're the real culprits in all of this, right?

    As for the Shard, it was a designated build long before the financial crash, so don't expect many more of it's like in the near future.

  3. All very fine 3:12 PM, but what is your alternative proposal to capitalism. The communist Soviet Union was a basket case economy and Communist China has only started to boom since it embraced capitalism.

    Negative criticism is all very well, but some sensible alternative proposals would make a nice change. Do you have any or is your world based on criticism of the right wing media the same as the right blame it all on the lefties in the BBC and Guardian. Bet you hate The Mail, but then that is your privilege.

  4. The Rothschilds control the money supply of nearly every nation on earth. The few exceptions are the so called "axis of evil" or rogue nations.

    Evil, or rogue, because they want to issue their own currency without being forced to hand over the nation's income tax revenue in interest payments to a bunch of private foreign bandits. This was the main reason for Gadaffi's demise.

    You see, this (b)rigged market cronyism(/b) is about as far removed from free market capitalism as it gets, but of course the 'powers that be' want us to believe that capitalism was to blame for this mess.

    Why? Well because they want to introduce a communist type system, worldwide, where the proles keep tabs on each other, in the style of the DDR, which is much easier to control and consequently, easier to fleece.

    They invented communism/socialism precisely for this reason.

  5. Suddenly it is all getting silly again with proles and the recreation of already failed totalitarian states. Even X Factor offers more intellectual enlightment!

  6. Monty P why not straighten us out with some intelligent remarks, instead of inane points which are themselves ironic.

    And Tony enough of the space fillers!

  7. Tony, I think you are right that the constant stream of bad news is a little wide of the mark and creates a false impression. It is also getting us to a situation where the media - and the financial markets - are beginning to set the agenda and call the shots even more than usual and more than is healthy.

    It is, though, inaccurate to say that it is only "lefty media types" that are doing this. The right-wing branches of the media - which are the majority after all - are playing exactly the same tune.

  8. Anon of 14.31, I hope you feel better after your little tit-for-tat post, which is driven not by any wish to provide or create balance in debate but by your slavish hatred of anything that is said against the political right by those of us who dare still to support the opposite end of the spectrum. I accept there are crooks in all Parties. It is a shame you cannot bring yourself just to take on the chin the problems there are and have been in yours.

    We could both produce a long list of individuals - in all Parties nationally - who have cheated, lied, screwed around, or whatever. The point here, which I sought to moderate in my post of 07.22 on Saturday, related to LOCAL politicians, ie those in Thanet (plus one in next-door Canterbury). I was (also) simply picking up on the earlier reference to the news reports about Sandy Ezekiel.

    I am sorry that you find it "nasty" and "childish" to recall Aitken's criminality, but then of course he's supposedly found god now - like so many faded celebrities who sniff a chance of a career revival - , so that will no doubt make him a good person in your book.

  9. No, proclaiming to find God does not make anyone a good person but living a Christian life to the full can. Would never claim such perfection myself because, as you so rightly point out from time to time, I am driven by a intense dislike of a politic system, a distrust of politicians and an overwhelming desire to hit back. Christ did not do revenge!

    My comment at 1431 hours (loved the 24 hour clock bit) was not to protect the right, this item after all is pro-capitalist, but to show just how silly this perpetual sniping at parties via wayward individuals becomes. You, sadly, seem to love to introduce fallen Tory angels even when well off thread as with your Ezekiel comment.

    Regretably you are as riddled with your anti-right phobia as I am with my anti-left. Shame really because we could probably both contribute sensible and relevent points to the debate if we tried.

    See you were up early so are you back at work now? Trust you are recovered from whatever it was you had. Not so bad that I wish ill health on anyone, even lefties.

  10. Sorry, Norman, but I don't do intelligent. I simply react to other stupidity. Time now for my morning marching up and down!

  11. Cutting away from all the politicised comments, I think the Shard is amazing and will be a beautiful addition to London's skyline once complete. Already, viewed from above - recent flight into Heathrow - it looks graceful and stunning.

  12. 10 42 so do I assuming the world doesn't end by the weekend

  13. Did the Shard's vaguely phallic shape make you deploy that rather distasteful "joke" Anon?