Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanet Crematorium to be Solar Powered

Please look away now if your a sensitive soul who has "conservative" views on the pomp and circumstance surrounding the tricky etiquette of death, for myself I have a view that the whole business of leaving this world and entering the next, is all a bit fussy and flippin expensive.

Myself I'd be quite happy to be collected up on bin day and carted off with the rest of the household waste, then recycled by the council, however they see fit, still that's not going to happen, and when viewing the subject from the point of view of a grieving relative or friend, such a send off would be inadequate in the case of anyone else.

I see Thanet Council's Cabinet meeting tonight will be consdering sticking solar panals discretely at the back of the Crematorium in Margate, I assume that the actual process of cremation, will not be solar powered and the panels will be feeding the conveyor belt, curtains, lighting etc and pressumably the national grid.

Still it makes me think that, during the old incineration process there must be a lot of energy waste, I just wonder if maybe we couldn't have a regional crematorium, perhaps one in East and West Kent and recover some energy,  generate a bit of electricity, maybe power those street lights which the county council are turning off, perhaps saving death and injury.

Also on the agenda tonight is the subject of expansion of the Crematorium, which has for some reason, they never adequately explain been labelled as "eyes only" restricted to jobsworth "officers" and our talented councillors ( who will not doubt disclose the details at some future point down the pub) meaning that the public and press are turfed out, unusually a welcome relief, assuming the security guard hasn't wandered off, again leaving the door locked for no good reason.


  1. Why do you call the Council Officers "jobsworths"? Are they all? Do you have any basis for your insult?

  2. TDC may have missed the boat on this one. Ashford council were also planning to fit solar panels on council buildings but the government has recently cut the feed in tarrif amount from 43p to 21p per kwh for any installation made after 12 dec. This has had the effect of making solar panels cost effective over 25 years rather than 8.
    Its also reported in the press that the LibDem part of the coalition are furious with this as are the 25,000 workers that will now be laid off in the solar panel sector.

  3. 4 41 move along, sunshine.

    Take the comment anyway you choose

  4. secret societies have to get rid of the bodies some how

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