Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ed Milliband's Lost Generation

Ed Miliband's Labour party has made much recently of the "lost generation" due to the economic climate,  so Bignews Margate has decided to investigate and track down three of Labour's lost generation, to put a face to the current employment crisis of course resources are limited, so the following is based much on my own prejudices and contempt for Labour.

Tony Blair former figure head of Labour, had the sense to scarper before the sh*t, hit the fan, having been befriended at an early age by Australian American media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, who encouraged his editors help  to Blair, who soon realised if he was to get on, had to be nice to people , no surprise then that   the  certain media businesses didn't get much scrutiny, having learnt this lesson Blair was only to keen to help his next best friend, GW Bush even when he wanted to invade Iraq. in the process mistakes were made and evidence had to be " sexed up a bit".  Anyhoo Blair now makes millions by giving lectures and consultations to  rich businessmen, rightwing politicians, on leaving Westminster he also  became Middle East Peace Envoy, and who better, since starting the job it seems there is hardly a country in the region that hasn't seen increased demand for peace what with all the bullets and bombs being tossed around, and of course no surprise that Israel where Blair has a base, still keeps the citizens of Palestine under occupation and continues daily to steal land and abuse the population.

Gordon Brown who spent much of his ministerial career telling us that the years of boom and bust were behind us sadly didnt get the chance to correct himself and point out that boom and mostly bust was er actually right in front of us, sadly he was overtaken by events and  set upon by an  unconvinced electorate who if nothing else overwhelming agreed that they had, had enough of his bullsh*t and that of his colleagues, its understood that he still sometimes turns up at Westminster to sulk and wonder why nobodies paying him the big bucks to speak.

Perhaps the saddest case is that of David Miliband, who it seems has sunk without a trace, once seen by many to have the potential to lead Labour into oblivion, having even less personality and charisma than that of Neal Kinnock and Michael Foot combined, who would have thought that "democratic " trade unions would come up with, the most mediocre leader of Labour ever, his bro Ed Miliband, who's main claim to fame so far,  is that he looks a bit like Wallace.

Perhaps readers will be incensed that, I should make light of such a serious issue, my view is this, that the current real lost generation of  youngsters looking for work, can pretty much blame Labour for sowing the seeds of our current predicament, talking about the "New Labour" generation, these blighters had it all popular support, a stable economy and the good will of the people, at first they showed an interest in getting work shy, layabouts into work, introducing working family tax credits, helping with child care, but hey this soon got forgotten as Labour fell back on the tried and trusted ploy of paying off the public sector and keeping social security scroungers flush. The idea of converting sullen layabouts into a generation of contributors to society was soon replaced, with the easy option of letting things go, and taking an easier and temporary course of importing cheap workers, to feed a then growing economy, ignoring the inevitable future social cost of not enough hospitals, schools, homes or jobs as the economy eventually contracted.

So when Labour sound off, about a "lost generation", remember the generation of Labour politicians who got us here in the first place, and don't worry, they're doing alright, still for all those kids and adults, who now cannot find jobs, good luck and keep trying, and don't go seeking to blame minorities, unless of course your thinking of the cretins in Labour who got us here.


  1. Oh come now, Tony, for we all know it was the bankers and not poor old Gawd, who incidentally saved the world, that were the problem.

    Sub-prime lending on America's trailer parks undermined all Labour's good work and, to be fair, invading Iraq probably kept more people in work for a bit longer. So it was not all bad, only most of it.

    What scares the excreta out of me is seeing that the choice lies between 'all things to all men and nothing to most' Cameron or Ed Milliband and his wild eyed cohort, Ed Balls. Whilst the two Ronnies might have made us laugh the two Eds would be a right turn off.

    In all this, I feel sorry for the youngster whose prospects are not exactly rosy and the insidious Labour duo trying to make political capital out of their plight is not exactly helping.

    We need a leader to emerge from somewhere outside the ranks of the present bunch of non entities and trough snorters we have in parliament, so maybe one of these kids should go for that.

  2. Anon: Gordon did well enough in the financial crisis, but he would have done much better if he hasn't spent the previous five years stimulating an economy during a boon time. His deathbed conversion to Keynes came too late: he should have known to be frugal in the good times to provide stimulus in the bad times. Now instead of going into a straght-up crisis of capital, we're in both a crisis of capital and at significant enough a risk of a sovergien debt crisis that we have to reduce our budget by £6 billion. He's made the new government's job that much harder.

  3. Yes TCR. One thing I give Cllr Simon Moores credit for is he has consistently, for some years now, spelt out the serious task that confronts us.

    Back during the first world war those who dodged the column came in for some stick. In Suffolk, for example, a woman sent out her 8 year old son to gather some sticks and get some turnips. The lad decided to take these from a man who had dodged Army service. The man set his dogs on the child. The mother in Court said of the man "What right does he have to set dogs on a child ? And he would say anything bar his prayers to accuse another. Why ain't he in France fighting alongside my husband. We have nothing to defend but he has plenty to defend so why ain't he fighting then ?"

    Woman was fined six shillings.

    I liken the unrealistic public sector to that landowner. Chief Execs giveing themslebes generous severance and beggar every one else. Public sector clerks bleating about how societry needs them when in fact they are dissembling and really mean they want to continue to milk the public purse.

    And Milliband trying to gain support from the young and unemployed, what an opportunistic arse in the air head in the sand idiot that is. Try dismantling a parasitic and irrelevant education system Ed. The Institute of Electrical Engineers was warning decades ago that the country cannot continue educating more students of Drama Studies and Media Studies than electrical and electronics engineers.

  4. Well there you are, TCR, the whole problem neatly summed up for you in his inimitable way by Retired. You were lucky you did not get Deal bombings and illegal rifle ranges thrown in for good measure.

    Returning to Gordon, perhaps his biggest problem was his character flaws and the endless battle he fought with his PM. Hardly the right way to keep one's mind on the job.

  5. Has anyone else noticed how a certain despondency has crept into the blogging. Politically provocative posts that would have once aroused the passions of the left and right, now attract but a handful of comments.

    Could it be that the sad fact that none of them actually have a clue how to extract us from the mire we are in is slowly dawning.

  6. More likely they are bored with Tony's rants and knee-jerk outbursts and know, from past exchanges, that fact and reasoned debate will have no impact whatsoever.

  7. 4 43 Thank god for plain stupid such as yourself who for no reason subject yourself to this dross "bored with Tony's rants and knee-jerk outbursts and know, from past exchanges, that fact and reasoned debate will have no impact whatsoever"

    What a muppet! get help!

  8. I am not sure why you choose to repeat a comment for which you appear to hold such contempt. It gives it more publicity. And I'M the muppet?

  9. I disagree Tony he dont look like Wallace he looks like Beeker off of the MUPPETS

  10. You'v.e been looking in that l'il ole mirror again, Don

  11. 07:24 Did you think up that witticism all by yourself?