Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanet Council - Morality check - China Gateway

Pleasing as it was to see Thanet Council, take a principled stand on animal welfare recently, I would just like to see whether they might like to consider the plight of victims of China's occupation of Tibet. Since tonight councillors will be consider once again the China Gateway proposals and I appreciate this has nothing the Chinese government, however I think it might be an apt topic for TDC to consider some time soon. 

Knowing that China has an abysmal record over the years of human rights, anything from imprisonment to murder, would the council perhaps convey the sentiment that the people of Thanet, would wish to have nothing to do with any Chinese officialdom, perhaps ruling out an future unseemly  shinanagins with councillors and officers fawning over official representatives of Chinese government.

In the meantime readers might like to sign this petition appealing for help from the international community to stand up to barbaric treatment from the Chinese government. If you've signed the petition TDC promoted on  the recent animal welfare issue, I'm sure that you'll agree this is, since it concern our fellow humans as worthy  if not more so.
Perhaps given the connotations of China's reputation for human rights and er cyber attacks on this country and others,  the developers could rename the proposed development.


  1. America does not have friends, only interests, and where business is concerned they do not stand on moral high grounds. They only do that politically when they see their business interests or influence in an area threatened.
    America is and has been for a very long time, an economic giant.

    Britain messes about trying to sit in moral judgement on how others run their countries. Typically we may withdraw aid from countries who ban homosexuality. Now it is being suggested we should forego the jobs that China Gateway might create in Thanet because of that country's record on human rights.

    That is why we have surrendered our status as a world economic power and are fast becoming something of a basket case.

    Wonder which of the third world countries we aid will support us when we are broke.

  2. Wouldn't worry about it we will all be speaking German soon.


  3. Still believing what you read in the papers, 12:01, leastways when it suits you. Germany has plenty enough problems of its own, not least the increase in neo-Nazism, to worry about teaching the rest of us to speak its language.

    You quote the mutterings of a deranged teutonic banker!

  4. Just to upset you Tony, China Gateway was approved last night.

  5. Excellent news Ken. Now let's hope the same thing happens with night flights & Tesco.

  6. Was there a public meeting about China Gateway? If so, was it advertised?
    I oppose this dreadful blot on the landscape and all it stands for. The fake jobs for Thanet routine (just like Thanet Earth all the jobs went to foreign nationals!)The thing I am most concerned about is the potential pollution in our water supply.

  7. Too late, Mo! You should have kept your eyes and ears open and it is no good blaming the council if you missed out on the consultation. As they used to say at school, pay more attention in future.

  8. It never ceases to amaze me that rude people always hide behind an anonymous facade.
    Having an extremely busy life and no time to read through a newspaper. It's no wonder I have only just found out! I suspect the council meeting was anounced by a few meager words instead of front page news. Quietly putting it through the back door. (no doubt) It is never to late!
    and I intend to do something about it! Unlike sheepish anonymous people who hide.

  9. My dear Mo, please tell me what is the difference between crusader, Mo and anonymous? Are any of us any the wiser as to the origin of the comment? No, so please save us your self righteous, sanctimonious nonsense about other people hiding. Who the f*** are you, Mo from the Red Lion, Flanders Mo or the Mo that does a trick round the back of the Winter Garden?

  10. In response to Mo, let me say that council meetings are publicised in notices at the council offices, on the council's website as well as announcements in local papers. Lists of applications to be considered for planning are also published so it is not really correct to say the TDC hide things away. If you really want to
    know, and China Gateway in particular has been much reported on in the local press, you can find out.

    Short of popping a leaflet through every persons door, at considerable expense to the local tax payers, it is difficult to see what more the council could do.

    You are, of course, right that it is never too late, but it is generally more effective to register objections before consent is granted.

  11. The jokes on you Uncle Tom. I gave you some rope and you hung yourself.
    How disgusting and vile you sound.

    Will Roberts thank you for your constructive polite answer :)

  12. Mo, thank you for your approval of my response although I would suggest you are wrong about the joke being on Uncle Tom. Whilst he uses more colourful and explicit prose than I, he makes the very valid point that we are all anonymous unless we link to a blog, like Tony's, that gives our true identity.

    Notwithstanding the foregoing, I wish you the best of luck with your protest though have reservations myself about routinely opposing everything that brings the chance of more trade and work to Thanet.

  13. Mo, you really must stop taking yourself so seriously. It is all light hearted banter with no offence intended.

    PS Thanks for the rope - haven't tried that hanging trick for years but it still works!!!

  14. Not used to talking to chauvanist dinosaurs.
    The fact that China gateway may poison our aquifer system is no joke :(

  15. Do I detect a touch of masochism about you, Mo, for you keep coming back for more. Perhaps the thought of these chauvanists, that you are not used to, excites a dormant little devil in you.

    Anyway,to get back to your aquifer, I am sure the planning officers will have sought and received extensive specialist reports on the matter. Perhaps you worry needlessly but, if unhappy, write to your ward councillor for full details.

  16. Masochism no Uncle Tom, settle down...
    I won't be talked down! (world of difference)
    I think a strong woman with brain highlights your insecurities Uncle Tom?

  17. My dear Mo, I am perfectly calm, but the thought of an intelligent woman I do find slightly disturbing. Having always suscribed to the notion that women get married in white because most kitchen appliances are that colour, an intellectual dishwasher is a scary notion.

    I digress and refer you back to my advice to contact your ward councillor about the aquifer, which is but a layer of rock at which the water table settles.

  18. Ah well, back to stoving over a hot slave as its that time of day. You take care Mo.