Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Clive Hart demands apology? but has yet to say sorry to his constituents for vigilante scare?

You couldn't make it up! as Cllr Clive Hart (Leader Thanet Labour) might say, in response to recent remarks Labour made, seemingly worrying up a storm over crime in Margate and now subsequently demanding that  Laura Sandys MP apologise, for  what I'd presume was a hasty response and an inadvertent mistake, to somewhat ludicrous remarks made by Clive Hart and colleagues, that they  "..have serious concerns that decent local people could take matters into their own hands. " referring to local crime, with the obvious implication that residents, were so witless, that they were about to take the law into their own hands, based presumably on Clive Hart's wildest expectations.

Clive Hart why don't you apologise for your orginal insulting and potentially inflammatory claim. It's maybe time for a bit of maturity from Labour, obviously Laura Sandy's remark, was from someone,  who has a bit more to deal, with than Labour's endless photo opportunities. I have no doubt that Clive Hart and his colleagues were endeavoring to create political capital out of a sensitive issue, which since the public are a little smarter than they might give credit, has clearly backfired on Labour.


  1. No, Clive Hart and his Labour colleagues would not actually call for vigilante action, but promoting the idea for a cheap photo opportunity is not beneath them.

    This action by Hart, including his front page coverage, was again more about political bandwaggoning than any genuine concern for the people in his ward. Had he really cared he would not have alarmed the good people, particularly the elderly and alone, with his crime wave scaremongering.

    How can anyone take Thanet Labour seriously with this man as its leader.

  2. Does anyone take him seriously

  3. I am sure "Will Roberts" takes himself very seriously, Anon.

  4. Anon 9:12, I take Homer Simpson seriously but that does not mean I want him running Thanet. Having said that, deep down, I just love Hart being Thanet Labour's leader and long may it continue. He is an even bigger clown than Homer.

  5. The political parties in Thanet appear to have a tradition of clowns as leaders.