Sunday, October 22, 2006

Health bosses know best

As you known I have been away, for the last few days, so naturally, I am taking a gander at the local papers and one story which can only serve to confirm I am home, is one in the Thanet Gazette, where journalist Jennifer Wiley reports on health bosses refusal to reveal the location of new dental surgeries serving Thanet.

Now this is typical of the apparently unaccountable, nature of public employees, presumably our high and mighty Health Trust functionaries, are under some sort of delusion, that public funds that they administer are their own money, when in fact you and I, pay handsomely through the taxation system for our health-service.

Information that the Gazettes reporter did manage to glean, was there is a company called Associated Dental Practices who are offering patients an initial appointment so long as they are on the primary care trusts waiting list.

The plain and simple fact, is this, its public money, supplied for the benefit of the local population and just who the hell, do these people at the primary care Trust, think they are, that they are conducting public business in secrecy.

It's refreshing to see that civil servants are still quite capable of ignoring the freedom of information Act as if they are part of M I 5.

I suggest you write, to Colin Tomson , Chairman of Eastern and Coastal Kent NHS, Primary Care Trust and ask him what he thinks his role is serving the people of East Kent or preventing them from receiving health care for which they have paid for through the taxation system.


  1. Something is rotten in the state of... thanet.

  2. Sorry to post twice. Since my last comment I have been active in identifying the addresses of MPs, Councillers, Trusts and other organisations (Primary Care Trust, Dental Assosiation, ADP) and created a campaign to make Freedom of Imformation Requests for the address of the Ramsgate surgery.

    Pass it on.