Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Labour has a punt on Internet gambling

Sport Minister Richard Caborn, and Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell have today hosted a summit on Internet gambling, with representatives from 33 other countries, who hope to agree regulatory principles by the end of their meeting.

It looks like, the usual old codswallop one expects from New Labour, Tessa Jowell is quoted as follows "The benefit to the economy is less important than our priority of protecting UK citizens", I think if you believe that, then you will believe anything.

Why don't these, members of the government, outlaw Internet gambling, most people, except for half-wits in government, assume that at best Internet gambling sites are looking to exploit feeble-minded punters, it's not as if, gambling is not catered for elswhere.

Personally I view operators and directors of these online gambling sites as low life exploiters of human frailty, government ministers who wish to somehow legitimises the exploitation of often vulnerable members of society I wouldn't like to say.

Believe all the nonsense about regulation, and protecting UK citizens if you wish, I think they're looking for new streams of tax revenue and vulnerable people with a credit card might just fit the bill.

I believe a couple of weeks ago, the United States outlawed Internet gambling by simply making it illegal for credit-card companies to give these parasites any more money, if New Labour had any ethics or morality they would at least put up abolition of this type of gambling as an option, clearly they are pretty close to bankruptcy where honesty and decency are concerned.

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