Monday, October 30, 2006

Revealed why the veil of secrecy concerning ECR
(my own theory )

Excuse me for my lack of postings, of late this has been due in the main, the shock of returning to work and also what is described as a severe case of man flu.

One thing that I have found a rather enthralling, is the heightened interest in Eastcliff Richard's identity, I even understand that Dr Moores is wondering whether he should offer a prize.

Well what I suggest, as this is a fictional character, again who really gives a toss so long as he or she continues to entertain us, whilst we look for some redeeming feature, talent or achievement from this author.

One theory I have, is that controversial as ECR appears to be, apart from making jokes about local sea gulls, etc just how contentious is he, not very, in fact I think he could be a Tory agent, look how he bigs up property prices, note his criticism of a BBC journalists (a familiar Tory trait), ruthless self promotion even going as far as to refer to the Isle of Thanets Gazettes, humungously funny Smudger column, which I rarely read for fear of straining my chuckle muscles.

For all we know, he may well be the alter ego of one of our obsessive local bloggers.


  1. I like your theory. It's Biggle's doing a double bluff!

    I'll get straight on to The Isle of Thanet Gazunder to fill them in!!

  2. I may have based some of my work on the good doctor, but only for the purposes of satire. Which my blog occasionally ascends to, I hope (from the 'toilet' and 'schoolboy', I mean).

    As for being a Tory agent, Tony's right, and I can exclusively reveal to Bignews Margate that I am, in fact, none other than convicetd perjurer Jonathon Aitken, making an anonymoous bid to be rehabilitated in my old constituency.