Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Till recently I thought that Kent TV*, was about as far as those geniuses at Kent Council, could go to waste money on services, which were already available, in adequate quantity and quality but no I was wrong.

Last week Kent council, launched a completely unnecessary, uncalled for new service, which for my money and well some of it is my money, is utterly wasteful and seems as if its just some new play thing for KCC busy bodies, as if they don't have enough on their plate like clawing back the fifty million quid lost to Iceland on top of the 8 million wasted on Turner Mark 1

Anyway here's what they have to say about it "Kent Health Watch will act as a 'signposting' service that points callers in the right direction. It will help ensure that all feedback about health and social care services in Kent - including compliments or complaints, comments or concerns - are captured and used to improve services. The Leader of Kent County Council Paul Carter said: "There is much public debate about the quality and variability of health and social care services around the country." (What a load of old Tosh - tony flaig)

Maybe its just me but if I want to deal with medical matters here's my signpost helpline 999 for emergencies, my local surgery for other health concerns (insert your doctors number here), I could go on....

Right now the management of Bignews Margate are thinking of launching "Kent wealth watch" which will give taxpayers a pointer to cretinous ideas coming from some local authorities who are happy to be (those of a weak and feeble nature please look away) pissing our money away on pointless projects.

* I refer to Kent TV the KCC project not any contractor or supplier.

PS Do you think KCC leader Paul Carter does home visitis?

KCC Health Watch waffle

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  1. This is a total waste of money as this is already covered by the NHS PALS Service