Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kent Council Magazine

"Around Kent" Kent councils regular quarterly publication, recently got shoved through the letter boxes of overtaxed Kent residents, if your familiar with this publication you'll be aware of the contents which are basic local authority propaganda* mixed with occasional gems like this from editor Shelley Whittaker refering to the change from newspaper format to magazine "Leader Paul Carter needed convincing about changing the format at first he felt you might think we were wasting money........." later Shelley Whittaker goes on to tell us how Paul saw the logic of the format change, my reaction of course is somewhat different, for one as a taxpayer I don't give a flying toss, what Paul Carter thinks, what's important is what the paying public feel.

My overall impression of Kent's Media output is that it has too much reference to what Paul Carter may or may not think indeed last edition carried not one but two articles saying how blooming marvelous (sorry excellent) Kent council was first by Kents highest paid employee Peter Gilroy (circa quarter million wedge PA) and then Paul Carter, not surprisingly no balance in as much as I assume that sum of us think Kent council is not that well run, particularly when it squanders millions, every year on media.

The editor makes the suggestion that the new style publication will attract advertising although rather disappointingly the only advertising that's visible, if that's what it is, comes from Kent councils own ventures like Kent Health Watch, Kent TV (when referring to Kent TV, I am making no reference to companies contracted to produce Taxpayer funded TV).

Anyway if you've missed recent editions of "Around Kent" click here

*I use word propaganda in this sense "Information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause" so please no more threats of legal action from minor media companies.


  1. Yes. I thought exactly the same thing when I received mine.
    I especially liked the revelation that it cost only a bit more.
    Trumpet blowing cobblers.
    Another example of KCC's cavalier attitude with our money.

  2. Try the compo on page 17!
    Has the Turner been finished already?