Monday, October 13, 2008


Where's my blooming bin, Shirley?

A story in Fridays Gazette, that highlighted, what appears to be a typically mean and stupid decision by Thanet Council to provide a block of 15 flats with just, four wheelie bins reminded me of my own bin situation.

Despite Shirley Tomlinson promising delivery of Black & Blue wheelie bins in September-October these have yet to materialise here at Flaig Mansions. I cannot tell you how disappointing it has been to arrive home from work and not find a couple of factory fresh council bins parked in the drive.

My message to Thanet's Commercial and Environmental supremo is to get a move on, you've 20 days left. Excuse the irritable attitude its just that since your letter arrived weeks ago, with all those rules and regulations, us taxpayers are meant to follow, it would be nice if you delivered these bins on time.

Incidentally why is that these bins have to be out ready for collection by 6am, for the likes of me who's use to getting up early its not a problem, but think of the elderly or those who lead a nine till five existence, admittedly its a good idea to get Thanets 2nd & 3rd generation benefit skivers out of bed before dawn but for the rest of us its a bloody cheek .

Finally I read back in September that wheelie bins were in short supply if this is the case maybe Shirley Tomilinson ought issue a statement!

Daily Mail article

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  1. There were 100s of them sitting doing nothing in the Port Ramsgate area a few weeks ago. I was walking along the west cliff, looking over the railings & somewhere between the Look Out Cafe & Jacob's Ladder - I can't remember exactly where - there was about a dozen or so rows of them. Black, blue & green lidded ones.

    I remember thinking - awww, so THIS is where they're born !! :o)

  2. You might want them Tony but my friend in ramsgate(who recycles practically everything)certainly does not.She lives in a row of small terrace houses and has cared for her little front garden for years(wild flowers bird bath etc)and now this has all been destroyed by TDC bins plonked in her front garden,and the whole road just covered with plastic wheelie bins..ohh it makes me angry,no flowers etc just PLASTIC!

  3. Up at the tip in Margate today joining the queues to get rid of green waste I noticed loads of blue/green/black-lidded bins lying around in the depot next door. All had lids open (so they could be stacked inside) to save space so let's hope it doesn't rain before you get yours, Tony.

  4. Someone came into my shop complaing about TDC, and claimed that they are now rated as one of the worst in Europe, is this true?