Monday, October 20, 2008


Fridays Gazette did nothing to clear up the mystery of Thanet councils handling of Northdown House even the great leader Sandy Ezekiel is unable to give a clear answer as to whats going on with Northdowh House, to me it looks like as if a sort of Bermuda Triangle has enveloped that part of Margate, resulting in facts just dissappearing only to emerge as spin. Anyway I've just sent an email to Thanet's top man in the hope that a clear answer might emerge.

Email Text

So What is the answer on Northdown House

Cllr Mr Ezekiel

I understand according to last weeks Isle of Thanet Gazette, that when asked if TDC had evicted Thanet Leisure Force from Northdown house , your answer was "It is not a case of them being evicted but us not being able to afford to have them there..."

Since I received the following in an email a while ago from your Deputy Mr Latchford "Tony thank you for your e-mail to answer your question. Northdown House is currently on the 2009/10 disposal list which will be considered next year.The TLF decision to cease taking bookings after 31 Dec is a matter for TLF, in the meantime TDC are looking into a whole range of options.I truly cannot say anything further at this time.Thank you for your interest,
Roger Latchford"

Cllr Mr Latchford in answer to my request to explain the haste and confusion, surrounding Northdown House, appears to suggests that TLF took the decision to vacate, however your answer seems to imply that is not the case.

Did Thanet council, instruct TLF not to take bookings for Northdown House, yes or no?

The covenants on this property, require that the whole property be maintained in perpetuity for the benefit of the public, so are we to assume that the flats you refer to, will be some new experiment in communal living.

The figure of £30,000 is given as cost to taxpayers to maintain the property, which sounds like a lot until you look at the cost of employing the 600 odd at TDC, or preparing planning briefs which are mainly for the benefit of Developers like the Dreamland document or more recently Arlington.

Finally I would like to know, just how much money has been wasted on legal advice concerning covenants designed to protect this property from the sort of action your apparently considering, which is to flog the property to next developer?

regards tony flaig