Wednesday, October 08, 2008

To Comment or not

The following is a personal opinion, which is hastily written as I've little time to blog this week, believe it or not I usually take some effort to consider, what to say this will be, off the cuff and getting home just in time to see the BBC's take on China Gateway, makes it difficult not too (inside out south east).

I wouldn't say bias, was a word that would do, but sycophantic comes to mind in as much as journalists tend to favour business and establishment figures when covering a story and not much probing, also shallow as in detail which appeared to be glossed over. No mention of political er..... donations?

Tomorrow is of course the big vote for Thanet council, on China Gateway and I for one doubt that Thanet councillors will show much backbone, in their handling of this item. Even more irritating for the likes of me, who will not be able to attend the meeting, is the thought that although Thanet council have the capability to video, the councils planning proceedings and make them available on the internet, they almost certainly wont. Its my theory that if there's one thing petty bureaucrats (or officers as they like to call themselves) don't like its the public taking an interest in the workings of local government.

I have repeatedly asked for clarification regarding another controversial topic that of Northdown house and have yet to get any reply that I consider either complete or clarifies the councils intention despite writing to the councils Chief Executive.

PS I feel more inclined to believe the news that Manston Airport plans a big expansion, offer s more than China Gate ever will, which I know will offend the likes of ECR but tough. Just a little concerned about the timing of their plans on the eve of the China Gateway thing.


  1. I tend to think that Glenn Campbell did a good job tonight. A balanced view with some interesting revelations:
    1. Ken Wills admitted that all 3 phases are needed. So much for a stand-alone application.
    2. Ken Wills revealed that TDCs version of who paid for hospitality to TDC trip in November is not as stated by TDC Press release.
    3. Aigo Chairman's body language and embarrassed smile when replying to a question about Chinese employees said more about the true situation than his words did.
    4.25,000 reasons Ladyman talked of Chinese and Indian manufacturing yet mentioned nothing about 'manufacturing at Manston!

    The contrast of a 'dragon' trampling over ploughed land whilst another view showed a combine harvesting wheat was perhaps a little more subtle.

  2. im working ten hour days so I may be wrong also i was eating dinner at the time

  3. BEFORE watching it I was against the China Gateway, but now after hearing the facts, I feel that it has to go ahead - anyway people like Paul Wells have no power and seem to have let the people down BERTIE

  4. Anon, that frightens me a bit that the TV has such a powerfull sway over any one's thoughts.

  5. 10.52 you are obviously a councellor or council employee as no sane person would make up his mind after hearing the 'truth' on TV.

    What a stupid comment.

  6. You proved sadly right Tony the councillors have no backbone. With exception of a very few - we have recorded voting so we know who the 10 in the minority will show themselves to be.
    I thought it was a sad inditement of the calibre of the councillors - at times the role of the Chairman was like something from the Muppet show, he didnt have a clue.
    Lets hope the Israeli bank folds
    We only got in half way through so missed the earlier debate but the latter part made me want to dispense with the council and think we should have some other machinery - such as a mayor for Thanet to rule over us.
    Most of us hoped it would be the end of the likes of the current cabinet, but sadly Chris Wells' defense for the people of Acol was in Vain all we can hope for is he does a better job trying to rid us of Exekiel and co. Rock doc very quiet tonight

  7. We can rid ourselves of Ezekiel and Co. come the next ocal elections.

  8. Oh yeh. And Anon 10.52, what makes you think you've heard the facts?

  9. We must force a public enquiry.

  10. Can't you get it through your thick heads that the councillors had no option but to vote this through.

    As for Wells he is a has been at KCC, kicked out (so the story goes) for being a bully boy to the staff.

    As for looking after the "haves" of Acol, what rights have they got over the "have nots" of the rest of Thanet?

    Our politicians have done the right thing, even if it annoys the bloggers.

  11. Sandy says in this weeks Gazunder that the lorry traffic would be "two a minute at peak times" (whatever they are)
    I make that 120 HGV's an hour.
    Very good for the children of Thanet. At least they'll have jobs even if they are off with asthma most of the time.