Sunday, October 05, 2008

Perfect Sunday

Is their any better time of the week than Sunday morning, particularly when you don't have to go to work, which in my case is a rare thing enhanced by the thought of the atrocious weather conditions outside. The knowledge that many who work my industry will be out in the rain does not make me feel guilty, particularly since I got a wake up call, a while after midnight from someone in north London, wanting to know where I was, apparently my name (and phone number) appeared in error on the paper work, for some job.

Enough of work, I will no doubt spend my day doing stuff, my particular pleasure trawling through the papers for something to comment on, although you cant beat the professionals, my current favourite being Rod Liddle in the Sunday Times, talking about "The wrong sort of vice girl" (Sarah Palin), makes this observation following her TV debate "by employing the clever strategy of not answering anything properly, and then winking in the manner of a mid-market call girl, she emerged a sort of victor. Despite revealing the intellect and political experience of a whelk. A heartbeat away, remember"

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