Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Christmas to all the Staff at KCC

Just a quick one, as you'll appreciate I've been away from the keyboard for a day or two and who knows when I will next vent my opinions, but anyhow I've spent the morning following up bits and pieces from earlier in the year with the odd phone call and email.

Just trying to motivate myself looking for something to get my teeth into, one of my contacts mentioned a joint Christmas Message from both Politician Paul Carter (Tory) Leader of Kent Council and Peter Gilroy Chief Executive who have apparently sent a joint email to KCC staff thanking them for their efforts, this year (no doubt to save on printing cost since staff will no doubt wish to take a copy home for the family).

I wonder if they'll be sending hard pressed local taxpayers a similar message for once again digging deep into their pockets to fund essential services like Kent TV, Kent councils own transport business and various other enterprises, not forgetting the completely pointless Health Watch scheme or those large pensions which I and many like me, will never be able to afford for ourselves.

Happy Christmas KCC.

PS One of my contacts thought that maybe Paul Carter and Peter Gilroy should really send their greetings individually, still not having seen the email myself I cannot comment, particularly since KCC were not to keen on sending me a copy.


  1. I think they should have made a joint xmas video and put it on Kent TV! The staff at KCC dont read emails. I wrote to the leader about 5 weeks ago concerning his comments on the BBC Politics show regarding Manston. One of his minions replied to me and said the leader would get back to me. But I guess he too has not been reading his emails.

  2. Tony, the KCC leaders minions must read your blog, I have had a reply today regarding Manston airport but no acknowledgement that the facts were stated incorrectly on the BBC. Boris has also recently repeated the same inaccurate statement in the national press regarding the length of Maston's runway - I wonder where he got this info from!

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  4. Anon 10:53 Do you think the Vatican reads Tony's blog as well as KCC PR?