Monday, December 08, 2008

Ouch that's got to hurt!

Surely this is some mistake, the photograph above apparently, so I'm told, shows work carried out on behalf CGP the company currently hoping to build China Gateway. Now I'm no expert but as a cyclist or pedestrian the fence as show with barbed wire to me constitutes a real hazard on what is at times a very busy road with fast moving traffic.

Now as some of us are aware those associated with the China Gateway project are known for their generosity and helpfulness as local politicians etc. will no doubt testify, whether it happens to be assisting with travel arrangements or helping out with political donations, so lets hope that if CGP are equally helpful to the traveling public and local residents.

As we know CGP are hoping to improve things here in Thanet by pouring concrete and tarmac across acres of fields and I assume this fence is either a blunder or nothing to do with them. I have rung CGP'S local number as well speaking to their PR company who will clarify the situation later.

Hopefully CGP will recognize the potential harm that this fence could cause passers by, as well as the inconvenience to residents of Pouces Cottages, and will quickly remove, which will not only improve road safety but also clear suggestions that residents have been penalized for objecting to plans for CGP's China Gateway

For more detailed reporting see Bertie Biggles Thanet Strife Blog

Feel free to contribute but please no barbed comments or I'll have to spike them!

UPDATE FROM CGP. Rob from CGP has been kind enought to update me on the fence, pointing out that they are entitled to erect a fence on their boundary and pointing out that his company have issued a statement which appears on Bertie Biggles "Thanet Strife" which I shall paste in here ""We are simply following good practise by establishing the correct boundary. No one had written in or contacted us to request permission to park in the entrance to the gate or on the verge. We are merely establishing the boundary correctly since our purchase in 2007. The original fencing line was established by a previous tenant who was keeping livestock in the field adjacent to Pouces Cottages. This fence was originally constructed to keep live-stock safe and not to demonstrate the boundary of the land. With the agricultural tenancy coming to an end, CGP felt it important to erect a fence reflecting our ownership. We will be re-fencing the whole boundary line in due course with appropriate fencing material and not with barbed wire."

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  1. The whole point is it's not their land as the verge belongs to Kent Highways so there was a double offence -barbed wire and on county land. Their land stops at the original fence line.

    The wire has now gone but the posts must be removed asap or kent Highways will take action.