Tuesday, December 02, 2008

NORTHDOWN HOUSE TDC get round to reading the small print?

Its nice to make a contribution in a world of sleaze which is not a reference to our esteemed Thanet District council but a genuine thought provoked by two things, a "thank you" email informing me that the council had reconsidered their stance on Northdown House, the reference to sleaze refers to the attack on liberty by the Metropolitan Police and the Labour Home Secretary, who seem to be acting like Nazis, who ever thought an MP would subject to arrest for publishing facts, I don't think even Mrs T's crew ever went that far, not with MP's anyway.

It seems that the council have listened to the public, and or maybe they've got the lawyers to take a butchers, at covenants that were attached to the property when it was originally transferred in public ownership, either way concerns must remain for one, we still don't know what precipitated the proposed sale, at this point Richard Samuel Chief Executive TDC has yet to reply to my request for financial information as to any income or loss made on the property, secondly another worry is the rather hasty consultation which will apparently take place next week on the 10th of December (just how do you consult the public when they don't have the facts).

Thanet council should give more time for public consultation on the future of the House and in the mean time, it would make sense if TDC would ask Thanet Leisure Force to take bookings for a more sensible interim period maybe to the end of 2009, since we've already seen the confusion when act in haste and repent at leisure.

Whilst I'm typing away I note that a couple of emails have referred, to TDC's concerns over bloggers, I don't have any facts other than as I say some emails, suggesting that in TDC are not happy, just what they intend to do I don't know, still if you have any info tonyflaig@gmail.com generally does the trick, go on you know you want to, maybe Richard Samuel could give his views?

We do live in a democracy, don't we?

I'll have to go someone's knocking on the door!


  1. As a sort of PS I didn't go for Northdown house saved because I'd have to have more faith in the council than I currently have.

  2. Odd how people slam the Old Bill for arresting an MP but yet you and others do not know the full facts...only what you read in the Press and they're not exactly unbias or fully in the picture. Great too when one sees all these MPs immedialtely close ranks when they know no more about the investigation than most of us. Great to see the ruling classes getting it in the knackers for a change, not as if MPs have acted like Nazis in the past with some of the laws they've passed on the great unwashed.

  3. It is a measure of just how petty officials and corrupt politicians can be, that anyone would attempt to justify arresting an MP.

    Its not a case of bill bashing just whats right anon 1 46

  4. The Bridge club moved out at the weekend after 15 years occupation of the building, seems sensible to leave Thanet leisureforce running the ground floor for functions, clubs etc and allow a community or charitable use for the 1st floor - but when has TDC ever talked sense. No apology made that they might have got it wrong - just "we have listened to the people"

  5. Northdown House needs many thousands of pounds to keep it in a condition that makes it worthy for use as a 21st century catering events/facility.

    There are many privately run organisations and businesses that could do with the money that comes from the kind of events or meetings that Horthdown House currently hosts. e.g. Trinity Church.

    Advocats of maintaining NH as a TDC run facility are either wallowing in nostalgia (Tony Flaig), or engaging in cheap political sniping (Clive Hart and Iris Johnson).

    And as for the proposition that the building be returned to Farmer Friend - just take a look at the damage he has done to the buildings he owns in the Northdown Conservation Area. This man is a disgrace and should be prosecuted.

    At a time when we all face on-going huge bills as a result of the profligacy and mismanagement of Gordon Brown and his government, I think we should be grateful that TDC are looking to make best use of our assets, and to close down those that cannot be justified.