Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Westwood Cross the documentary

Previously only obtainable, on an exclusive basis, Sparkin productions have made their documentary "Westwood: Land of 1,000 Houses" available via Youtube.

This is a documentary made by Nick & Lisa of Canterbury College explores some of the issues surrounding, what I consider to be that hideous development which will be taking place once builders developers bankers and the like stop going bust.

The film contains contributions from Brian White, Damien Cooke, Tony Flaig (Bignews Margate Fame) and Steven Ladyman although in a rare show of bias, I have to say I think I'm a lot more charismatic and funny than some of the other contributors.

Anyway if you'd like to see this well crafted local documentary, it is in, two parts Click here for the first part and for the second part which contains myself can be found just here.

I honestly don't have much time currently to comment on the front page story of this weeks yourthanet other than to say just what the hell is a" monitoring officer" and do we need one in these hard times, I think not.

I would just like to thank Tom Betts and other journalists for showing an interest in this story because you can bet your bottom, if cretinous tin pot local dib dobs can censor amatuer commentators like us bloggers then you will be next.

Finally I'm still waiting for Thanet council to give details on Northdown House running cost, which is become quite urgent since next week a consultation is taking place on the houses future, it certainly would be nothing less than shameful, if the council cannot provide figures since it would be a strong indication, that their earlier plans to sell the house off, were more a whim than a plan. So chop chop !


  1. Psychologists, apparently, use this criterion in attributing personality type. "How far back in history do you go to define the development of a current problem ?"

    The Monitoring Officer is, surely, there to monitor the standards in public life of the Authority (including controversially its elected members who end up accountable to a non-elected official. As we saw in the "JewDo versus Jewdon't" incident at the Winter Gardens.

    Hence the MO's concern is the leaker not the blogger.

    An intelligent MO (let us assume that he/she is not in the 1% of personality types called "Master minds" who do what is right with neither fear nor favour nor deference) would go back in history to check the TDC records for leak disciplinary hearings.

    Happily Richard Samuel has been (?) beavering away for some weeks now searching for the record of the caution meeting called by Cllr Margaret Mortlock against tory Cllr George Maison over a mail intercept and mail tampering operation at TDC. He allegedly (my source is Mrs Mortlock) admitted to Chief Executive that helpful TDC officers ran a mail intercept for him.

    Presumably if TDC had a Sergeant at Arms then he would have failed to check if Maison (ex Kent Special constable) had a warrant ?

    The town does have a Town Sergeant and, happily, that is also subject of one of my FOI requests. For records of Labour councillors questioning if recruitment procedures had been bypassed. (TDC claim to have no such records causing me to wonder if they leaked complete with the originals)

    I had the misfortune to serve in the Territorial army with Mr Maison. He boasted there of his continuing relationship with Templar Barracks Ashford (then HQ Army Intelligence) and as a source to the champion of Intelligence led policing George Rogers.

    So is it the TDC position that a leak to police without warrant (or even to Army Intelligence) would be OK but a leak to a public spirited blogger would not be OK ?

    Sericol (cyclohexanone) history reached public domain through my FOI application. Not through a leak other than the thirty year leak of the solvent that is.

    Thor (Mixed solvent) remediation reached public domain through my FOI application. Not through a whistleblower.

    What I think is bugging TDC (pun intended) is that the public can see, for example, that the qualified Land Contamination Officer is doing his best in spite of the powers that be at TDC. And the powers that be fear public support for diligent TDC officers.

    As always it is criticism mixed with praise that excites more fear than criticism alone.

  2. How about this one?

    TDC bods off for little jolly at the awards while redundancies on going.
    95% satisfied with service?? BWAHAHAHA! On what planet!

  3. Your job suggests you are not very clever, and your blogging comments that you are pretty ignorant and stupid with it.

    I don't know what qualification you have to make any judgements at all about the mostly hardworking and committed people at TDC, but I suggest that you are in essence, a bully. If you tried your bullying tactics at your work you would be sacked for gross misconduct.

    So I understand why Richard Samuel would not want to talk to you - because you are a self opiniated, loud mouthed and ignorant prick.

  4. Dont worry anon 09:52:00, I'm sure that you, are very bright and have no connection with TDC but sympathise with those in public life who know what best for us proles!

    No hint of arrogance from you sunshine, I'd take a guess that you might well be one of those lower ranking Tory clowns who have even less judgement than the ringmaster!

    Anyway welcome to bignews anyday

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