Thursday, December 25, 2008

Turkey in the oven. Its Christmas

Crikey it's not just me then with nothing better to do on Christmas morning than surf the net and worse the blogs.

Well the Flaig Turkey has been stuffed, late last night, the gammon boiled and now all that remains having fired up the turkey @ 8am is to tend the blooming thing until around 1 ish, when no doubt it will be devoured by starving relatives.

Not sure what time the obligatory family row will occur but hopefully it'll will be trivial and quick.
Have yourself a damn good Christmas!

Mr Puss seen here barely able to contain his joy, at receiving a new collar for Chelsea F.C., he would like to point out that he doesn't usually do product endorsement but if it keeps Mrs Me happy and he also gets a salmon starter for lunch then he's willing to oblige!


  1. There was me thinking that you would be working on Xmas day!
    My late father was a train driver and in those days the trains ran 24/7, that was when freight was moved by rail at night.

    Seasons greetings.

  2. I worked last christmas,boxing day through to new years.

    My best wishes to anyone out in the cold tonight with a shovel, hammer, bar etc,

  3. Happy Christmas Tony not to sure the cat is too pleased with his new collar he looks more of a Sunderland supporter to me