Monday, July 12, 2010

Northdown Road – Loading Bay and Tennis Court hoarding

image Sometimes it's the little things in life that irritate, couple of things recently, I've noticed, one is the apparent commandeering of part of the Northdown road as a loading bay for Tesco Metro, the other a  sign plastered to the fence of tennis courts on the cliffs overlooking Palm Bay.


Fortunately the good citizens of Margate ignore the 6am to 6pm curfew on parking, much of time, and so far no I've not heard of any Margate vigilantes mounting a campaign against the council allowing advertising banners along the fence of the Tennis courts, despite the clear hypocrisy of council officers harassing honest business types in Ramsgate for placing similar posters to promote business on the say so of Ramsgate's cultural vigilantes.


  1. Isn’t it small minded seaside mentality like your comments which discourages trade and growth in Thanet? As the council does its best to kill off our local high streets with the rubbish Westwood Cross, I say “Well done local firms! Stick your banners everywhere and keep the local trade alive”…..

  2. If it takes you that long to comment, Anon, think it might be you with the tiny seaside mentality. In case you hadn't noticed, Rip Van, it is 2011 now and this post is old hat from last summer.