Thursday, July 01, 2010

Apple fix your Iphone operating system 4

Technology companies seem to operate a different set of rules to the rest of business, Microsoft for instances has frequently sent upgrades to my PC which have the effect of screwing up my email settings, currently they are trying to foist something called Office Genuine Advantage Notification, now the purpose of this is check my copy of Microsoft’s Office which I don’t have (too expensive and bloated) instead I use the much better OpenOffice which is free, the only advantage is for Microsoft who nosey around my PC, and track illegal copies of their software, a bit like those offensive warnings on DVD’s about piracy, which probably have the opposite effect.

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I do, as suggested usually update my techno stuff, as per manufacturer suggestion, as in the case with my recently acquired Iphone* I’ve now found that some of the much promoted “apps” don't work, like the Telegraph, which is understandable since the Telegraph’s business is news but the note taking app which comes with the Iphone is I presume part of the apple phone so why is it chewing up my words and then replacing it with text from elsewhere or deleting saved text.

I realise that the likes of Apple and Microsoft might be flogging cutting edge technologies but then so are the likes of motor manufacturers like Ford or Toyota and you wouldn’t expect them to retrofit all the time. Why can’t tech firms sell a finished product?

If you work for either please feel free to explain yourself!

*(not my first choice I would have gone with the HTC Desire, if my previous provider Three, had they not in my opinion, employed tough sales prevention methods, in place of rudimentary basic customer service)

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