Friday, July 23, 2010

Thanet Pride in Margate

Margate doesn't have as much going for it, as it should, due to various factors, Kent council choosing to build an art gallery out to sea, owners of Dreamland bulldozing the site, still that's nothing to do with local people.

Events that have been organised, by local people and organisations have proved successful, Thanet Pride being a good example, in terms of all round benefit this is probably one of the best, since its held on the front and grows in popularity each year.

Thanet needs events like this every weekend, and not just in Margate, an awful lot of money has been spent on the Turner Contemporary, which should have opened a couple of years ago, Kent council received compensation from the architects responsible for the seaborne gallery, had local Tories had any gumption they would have asked, those greedy Tory colleagues at Maidstone, to divvy up to compensate Margate and Thanet, apologies for the digression.

Anyhow go along tomorrow, enjoy the entertainment its free and spend some money! Details available from Thanet Pride Website here


  1. Being a regular Pride-goer, I can totally vouch for your positive comments about the event, Tony. It's a great day out for everyone.

    Primarily it's about those who are part of the LGBT community and sending the message that they can be "out and proud" about their sexuality. It is great that those in positions of political and community leadership support the event and endorse that message. It offers encouragement to the many (especially young) people who do not feel able to "come out", despite the progressive changes and legal liberalisation we have seen over recent years.

    Beyond that, it offers the potential for everyone to celebrate all that is best - in terms of diversity - in the local community.

    Previous Prides have been well run and well attended. I hope that holds true for tomorrow.

  2. Thank you Brian for your comment I'm not generally known to my positivity however on each occasion that I've been to this event its been very entertaining and well run

  3. However positive you normally feel or may be, yours is, I think, the only local blog - including those run by members (Tory and Labour) of Thanet Council - to make any mention of Thanet Pride. The extra publicity is undoubtedly welcome, and I hope you enjoy the event.

  4. Brian, you shouldn't have said that for if Clive Hart and his cronies think there is political milieage in it they will all become cross dressers overnight and change their anthem to 'The Pink Flag.'

    Imagine the Tories will refrain from comment other than the odd muttering about the unsuitability of public displays of sexuality.

    Not my scene but enjoy your day.

  5. Actually, the Civic Team (Tories) were there in force, and the Margate Mayor and his wife stayed for much of the day and early evening. They seemed genuinely to enjoy themselves, and all credit to them for their active engagement and support. It was a great day and night.

  6. Pleased to here it, Brian, and glad you had a good day. I may jest but deepdown I just like folk to be happy rather than whingeing all the time, something far too prevalent in Thanet.

    Let's hope Quex Park, Diana Vickers, JLS and all that is as successful today.