Saturday, July 31, 2010

Concerned Council trial new off street parking

Didn't get chance to comment on anything last week, still taking a gander at this Friday's Gazette I see residents of Arlington are concerned about the parking situation in the vicinity, NO WORRIES! Thanet council are on the case!

It would appear that officers are working hard to a provided solution, as can be seen by the photos at the top and bottom of this post, clearly showing a truck with TDC logo casually slung on  the pavement along the Marine Terrace, for a considerable time last Saturday afternoon, of course the pavement is just too damned wide, allowing visitors and residents a chance to saunter along soaking up the ambience, at their own pace.

Admittedly Thanet planning bods, have yet to show any evidence of strategic thinking concerning provision of parking for Margate, but at least this is a start.

Of course various administrations of Thanet Council have done Jack, about providing sensible parking for Margate's visitors, and by implication, local business and employment prospects and lets face it why would they, since complacent TDC employees have managed to commandeer pretty much the entire Mill Lane car park (costing many thousands to local taxpayers) even those in the fat cat classes are too mean to pay for parking, which is probably the main reason Margate High Street has become a retail desert.tdc offstreet parkingPS note that the cyclist in the corner has at least had the consideration to risk life and limb by cycling in the road although without the truck parked on the pavement where it is the pavement is adequate for both pedestrians and cyclists.

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  1. Just where are people to park when Turner gallery doors eventually creak open.