Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thanet Pride

Thanet Pride as successful if not more so than earlier years and the entertainment is as good as ever. Will add more photos later.


  1. It was good, Tony, with some very enjoyable acts. The Abba tribute band and Kitty Monroe were certainly my favourites. I was there for most of the afternoon and evening/night, and everything went well, without any trouble or friction. An event for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community primarily, but attended -and enjoyed - by people of every sexuality and background. It just shows what can be done.

    And away on the beach was a quite different, large community gathering with a powerful sound system and - again - everyone enjoying themselves until well into the evening.

    A good day for the town.

  2. Shame the photographer had consumed a bit too much of the 'Pink Lady' bubbly! Mind you, Margate looks better at an acute angle.

  3. Top picture, bottom left corner- Is that Robert Mugabe breaching his EU travel restrictions again? Obviously nipped into Specsavers while he was here!