Saturday, July 17, 2010

Use it before you lose it

I like parks, they're great places to escape whether you live on the edge of civilisation here in Margate or a busy metropolis, I find they instantly have a calming effect, admittedly I don't get the chance to loiter much these days but maybe I should make time.kearsney abbey grdns2
I find that parks in cities are more welcoming just for the simple reason that there more precious and more populated, it seems whenever I visit my local park, the chances are that I'll be the lone person walking through who hasn't thought to bring along a mutt for company, and the ubiquitous plastic bag to collect what ever dogs like to leave behind.kearsney abbey grdns3
Its a pity, parks already ain't what they used to be, during the 80's 90's well tended sometimes elaborate formal flower beds that used to decorate parks disappeared in favour of shrubs that needed less time to sort out, and I just fear that, in the current climate of exaggerated slash and burn economics, our recreational spaces could be endangered more than is already the case.kearsney abbey grdns4
Anyway may I suggest if you get the chance visit a park, do sometime soon, today I visited Kearsney Abbey, most of you will know this is at the back of Dover, anyhoo its your choice and tomorrow will hopefully be a pleasant day.
kearsney abbey grdns5


  1. Looks like a very pleasant place to visit.

  2. Yes,thanks for photo's Tony,Parks are magical places

  3. I agree with you Anon of 10.54. I have visited parks in many towns and cities and have invariably enjoyed my time in them. Many have quite delightful tea-rooms far removed from the "council cafes" of yesteryear and these can be real finds. They are a great place to meet up with friends old and new.

  4. I spent much of my youth - sadly some 40 years back now - in Peasholme Park in Scarborough. Great boating lake and wonderful carnivals there every season. There used to be - probably demolished now - a fantastic thatched cottage on the edge of the park which was in a wonderful setting. History, eh...