Thursday, July 08, 2010

Thought for the day - Could you imagine Labour ever doing this

image We read daily hysterical reports and critiques by Labour leaders and supporters, clearly disturbed by the publics rejection, Labour politicians are insisting on and foisting their own judgements on a government which has been in office less than three months. It really is too early to judge the coalitions economic performance, Labour having made a pigs breakfast of the economy.

Many commentators go on about Lib Dems and how could they work with the Conservatives and here is still one aspect of government we can judge thus far, the morality of this government, handling right and wrong, well so far we've seen David Cameron make a quick and formal apology for "unjustified and unjustifiable" killings of Bloody Sunday, after Lord Savilles inquiry reported, which was probably, not necessarily the easiest thing to do, given the bitterness and prejudice of Northern Ireland politics.

This week David Cameron announced a judicial inquiry in this countries involvement, in torture and rendition, since the al-Qaida 9/11 attack, we're told that rewritten advice has been recently issued to our security services.

I'd like to think Labours recent leaders would also have apologised for Bloody Sunday but just wonder if either Blair or Brown would have thought an inquiry into torture necessary.

In these most important issue's which reflect this countries morality, I feel that whatever your political stance David Cameron, has underlined Britain's core trait, fairness and honesty, something to make us all proud of being British except of course with our right wing press.


  1. Clearly the only way you can make the "achievements" of your (Lib Dem) Party's coalition with The Tories look even remotely palatable is to continue to compare and contrast with the Party that lost the Election - no argument, no "denial" as you constantly allege, they lost - ie Labour.

    How negative you are. Is this really the new era of politics your leader, Clegg, promised?

    You are either deeply worried and ashamed by what your leaders, the puppets - Fluck and Law and Spitting Image from the 80s come to mind - of Cameron and his team, are doing or are just so anally retentive about Labour that you can't get them out of

    Picking up on your headline, could you imagine the Lib Dems...

    - accepting a paltry referendum on the AV voting system rather than PR as they wanted?
    - campaigning against major budget cuts in the Election then being part of a Government implementing them?
    - campaigning against immigration restrictions (one of your personal favourite "must haves" of course, despite what was once your Party's policy) then supporting them when the strings are pulled by their new puppet-masters
    - campaigning against selection in education then supporting it when those strings are pulled again (now this is one that your shoulder-chip must pull you away from your new Party)
    - lying to and letting down the millions who thought the Lib Dem manifesto meant something?

    Of course, you don't have to imagine any of those things, the Lib Dems have down them all! Well, the salary and perks of Ministerial office are obviously important - more important than principles. So...I don't think you are in any position to use words like "morality" from your position within the "new" Lib Dem Party, Mr Flaig.

    And before you attempt one of your "witty" ripostes, or you roll over when someone with "Councillor" or "Doctor" (snigger) in their title pays you attention and visits your blog, just reflect on the fact that my comments can easily be dismissed - but you can't dismiss the many, many voters I hear who say they voted Lib Dem in May but never, ever would again.

  2. I agree Anon 07.56, your comments can be easily dismissed.

    However if there is a political will to examine the aftermath of an illegal war, extraordinary rendition, let us hope that there is a similar will to visit in the detail the false case for war which was created.

    Locally, of course, that means a good old look at Thor Chemicals and which cllrs and MPs knew, and kept quiet, about aquifer contamination by Thor (and by Sericol).

  3. Good comeback, Retired, but my point to Mr Flaig is, of course, that he may choose to ignore the comments of those who disagree with him - that is his right - but the real impact will come (home) when his Party is judged - harshly - by the Electorate at the next opportunity.

  4. anon 2:12 you seem a grade A tit, fortunately,its too hot to explain in detail

  5. Apologising for something that happened 40 years ago is common as muck these days and does him nothing but good.
    Torture gives him a chance to bash Labour.

    Now if he were to apologise for the continued bashing of other peoples countries and his intention to stop it immediately, that would be something to crow about.

  6. Clearly, Mr Flaig, you only understand things put in the same language you use. So here goes - and it's not my usual style at all. Fuck off, wanker.

  7. 6:12 that would be english then, no need for that sort of language, yes I did call you a tit, because of your repressed thinking and patronising tone.

    Labour is lead by truth mangling toffs, note how Mandelson and Campbell rushed out their latest books the truth is Labour has been run by self serving, egotists.

    Obviously you could not say the same for Clive Hart's Local Labour.

    Its a pity 612 you are so cowardly in your attacks so really me calling you tit is mild in comparison.

    Still I suspect your insulting and cowardly tone is meant to induce such a response such is the devious nature of Labour these days. Man up and use your own name if you actually have a genuine reason for not using it, then send me an email, in confidence, till such time I will continue to refer to you as a tit.

  8. It would seem you are very much out of step with the Lib Dem Party's promise of a new era of politics. A promised end to the "yah boo sucks" tradition seems to mean - to you - that you call someone who presents facts, views and opinions that oppose yours a "grade A tit". Trying to worm your way out of that by referring to "repressed thinking" is hardly a step up.

    I placed the 10/7 07.56 and the 10/7 14.12 posts that prompted your insult. As I have said before, it is your blog, and those of us who post take advantage of your hospitality. But you are offering your opinions for public comment, and it is fair that those of us who remain Labour aupporters should be free to challenge you.

    Continuing to support Labour - whatever your views are on that - is not "repressed thinking". Challenging the excuses and false rationale being offered by your Coalition for some of the draconian measures being proposed is not repressed thinking. Exposing the deceit that the Lib Dems have delivered against the electorate is not repressed thinking. It is opinion, based on fact.

    As I have said to you before, your Party is in power now, and trying to make it look good solely by attacking Labour - as you repeatedly and maniacally do - is both ignoring/denying accountability and a very weak stunt.

    Your recourse to insult - when you run out of fact, thoughts, argument, and opinion - is worrying because it smacks of an autocratic, bombastic, and very blinkered approach to debate which has never been the trademark of the Party to which you now belong.

    I did not place the "wanker" post. Not only is anonymous posting something you occasionally criticise; it can be a hazard for those of us who post anonymously too, but that goes with the choice. All that said, Anon of 11/7 18.12 does make an "interesting point!!!

    One last point. Politicians of all Parties tend to rush out their memoirs to maximise profit. Most, if not all, politicians have huge egos. That is not exclusively a Labour issue. That said, I agree with you that seeing Mandelson hawking his product in TV ads is making light of serious national business, and is unedifying.

  9. Anon if you wish to be patronising with the "Mr Flaig" crap (an unnessessary formal means of address) then expect a hostile response.

    As to denial of making certain comments this is meaningless since you don't give your name, this site is free and easy as you are with your long winded attacks

  10. Through your remarks and shoulder-chip attitude, you've proved some of my points perfectly, Mr Flaig. I can see why many other local commentators no longer contribute to your site. I can also see things from the standpoint of the bikers with whom you so spectacularly fell out oh so long ago.

    I hope you get more contributions that are to your taste and prejudice.

  11. Come on fellas, this bickering over blue or red is about as relevant as who wins the World Cup.

    This political charade is scripted years, sometimes decades in advance, framed around a plot that was hatched some 200 odd years ago, based on an idea that is as old as the hills (you know, the one where some crazyman wants to own the world, lol).

    The actors are selected and auditioned during college and groomed specifically for this role. Behind the scenes they are the best of mates, prolly snorting their charlie and whoring it up whilst laughing their socks off at the likes of us.

    If you want to know more there is plenty on the web. If you want a tip from me, get rid of the telly.

    Just to whet your appetites, have a gander at this:

    "Capital must protect itself in every possible way, both by combination and legislation. Debts must be collected, mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible. When through the process of law the common people lose their homes, they will become more docile and more easily governed through the strong arm of government applied by a central power of wealth under leading financiers. These truths are well known among our principal men who are now engaged in forming an imperialism to govern the world. By
    dividing the voter through the political party system we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance. It is thus by discreet action we can secure for ourselves that which has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished." – 1924 US Banker’s Association Magazine