Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Any danger Cllr Paul Carter learns a lesson from George Osborne

Spotted in a couple of newspapers yesterday, the story that George Osborne (Chancellor), Mervyn King (Gov. Bank of England) and advisors took the trouble to walk down two flights of stairs to the canteen at the Treasury, even queuing so that the group could eat lunch for around thirty two quid rather than have it delivered to the office for an excessive 148 pounds.

Just wonder when such thinking will filter through to Kent's Champagne Conservative councillors, if you read my previous posting, you will see that here in Kent neither officers or indeed Tory councillors have quite got the hang on the difference between public service and business or the fact that people like you and I work hard to earn our money and don't relish the thought of greedy public officials and friends largeing it up on our money.

Incidentally if you wish to complain or express your concerns about Conservative Cllr Paul Carters profligate, extravagant, spendthrift, excessive administration you could always contact your local Conservative County councillor who is entitled to minimum £13,000 a year expenses (your money), for what, who knows. Thanet's Conservative county councillors who presumably support Paul Carter,  are Robert Bayford, Robert Burgess, Bill Hayton, Charles Hibberd, Michael Jarvis, John Kirby, Chris Wells contact details can be found on this page. Please note Cllr  Elizabeth Green is a Labour member who has I assume never supported Paul Carter.
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