Thursday, August 26, 2010

BBC's breakfast expedition to Margate

Till last week I often wondered where do they get these people from, when listening to radio discussions, someone apparently stumbled across this blog and I was invited to take part in a discussion about Margate, on BBC radio Kent's breakfast programme.

Anyhow having wasted many an hour lecturing to and infuriating readers with my views on local issues I suppose I have as much validity as anyone, I don't pretend to represent anyone or any organisation not even the Lib Dems of whom I happen to be a member, although a few fail to accept my independence of thought.bbctourbus2
Finding myself sitting out on the Harbour Arm in Margate at 9:00 chatting about Margate regeneration is a bit of a surreal experience, the apparent casual relaxed manner of those professionals making the programme made participating relaxed and easy.

Still whether I had anything worth saying or even made sense is up to those who listened, the chances are the you had better things to be doing between 9 and 10 yesterday still if you'd like to listen to the programme it will be available for a day or two here (my bit is in the final hour).  bbctourbus3
Finally the presenters John Warnett and Clare McDonnell are approachable holding on after the broadcast to chat individually with the small crowd who turned up to witness this broadcast.


  1. yes thought it was agood broadcast,positive for Margate

  2. 9 AM in the morning! The combination of BBC and old 'red' John W would be enough to keep most self respecting Tories in bed. Even as a Lib/Dem you were not exactly safe especially having joined the evil coalition.