Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hoops it is then

News that will probably make "Local" Labour supremo Clive Hart glow with, err indignation, rather than civic pride, is the decision that the somewhat drab lighthouse type thing on the end of the Harbour Arm is to be painted.

martin wiseThis was raised a few months ago, to howls of sour grapes from the councils Labour benches, probably because they hadn't thought of it, anyhow as I understand it, having this morning bumped into the TDC deputy leader Martin Wise, Hoops it is and although not noted for aesthetics I feel it will be a cheap but effective enhancement to the general appearance of the Harbour Arm.

hart It will be interesting to see how Cllr Clive Hart, reacts, will he quietly let it go, or can we expect him to thrust himself once more into harms way and risk public ridicule and pose for local press in yet another photo opportunity whereby he effects that perturbed but resolute look in order to glean public support for an irrelevant cause.

Not too sure what colours will be chosen since Cllr Martin Wise wasn't waving the old dulux colour chart about but anyhow below is how the Harbour light could look, if they get an idiot who spends his time blogging and is almost as talented in the art department! Lets hope the ten grand budget gets a professional job.
hoops it is drablighthouse


  1. Anything to brighten up the old place but, loved your summarising of the antics of Clive Hart. This is the guy who claimed the residents of Dalby Square were 'up in arms' over their refuse strewn piece of wasteland only to pose in front of said protest group comprised mainly of Labour councillors and activists. Even then it numbered no more than about eight. Hardly the 'peasants revolt' he claimed.

    Some real opposition on issues of general public concern would better serve the people of Thanet rather than his silly posturing on trivvia. As you correctly surmise, it is more about promoting Cllr. Hart as some mini celebrity than public service.

  2. 01:47 leave poor Cllr Hart alone the man in a suit can make a fool of himself without your help

  3. Apart from suggesting gently that you cannot have "howls of sour grapes", may I ask whether you consider spending ten thousand pounds painting a lighthouse is really best use of our council tax?
    After listening to your supine performance on Radio Kent (in between the shameless plugs for the Indian restaurant and the bistro hotel), I fear you may reply "because it look nice for the Turner Contemporary visitors").

  4. You must love "bumping into" all these people in power. Clearly makes you feel good and self-important. But you must get over your teeth-clenching negative obsession with Labour. Did a socialist frighten you in the pram, I wonder?

  5. Er, what exactly is to be positive about on Labour. The scintillating leadership contest, perhaps, choosing between banana man and the left winger with the privately educated kid. Maybe though it is all these ermine wearer like Kinnock and Prescott who 'would never set foot in that place' until the day came. Then again, there are all these memoir writing millionaires who only did for us people.

    Think the work 'hypocrite' was invented with Labour politicians in mind.

  6. Lets be honest Clive Hart has a great sense of humour and will probably have a good old chortle when he reads this

  7. anon 1 47 I can't understand for a moment what Clive Hart's gripe is re Dalby Square since it appears I'm no longer on his approved list for communications

    anon 2 I take 7 31'a view

    anon 2 04 I can have "howls of sour grapes" if I want, howls of dissent might have been better, but it was sour grapes I'm sure. No ones ever called me supine before!

    7 03 you have me bang to rights yes I did have a terrible experience but never with any socialist these men approached me claiming to be Labour and for the next 13 odd years robbed me blind

    Bang on 724 and 731 couldn't agree more

  8. At the risk of Tony accusing me of being a Labour supporter again (despite the fact that I openly support Roger Gale), I agree 100% with Clive Hart. There's so much more important things in Margate (& other parts of Thanet) that could be done with this money.