Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thanet Times in Cover up!

How things or indeed Times change, if memory serves me correctly, the Thanet Times at one time used to have a certain down market sort of style of titillation often featuring for no particular reason a semi clad young lady justified by a couple of lines of inane twaddle.

Anyhow whether that's a loss or a positive is of course subjective, myself I've no opinion.

This week I've had more time than usual at home, time to glance through the local papers, today, I was taking a look at the Thanet Times report on a charity event in which a hundred plus stripped off to ride a rollercoaster for charity.

The charity event has been covered in several newspapers, including the Daily Mail, which is part of the same business that also owns the Thanet Times, taking a quick gander I realised that the Thanet Times coverage was different, in that they had apparently manipulated the photo they used to remove women's breasts.

Now I just checked the time on my PC and yes its already ten years into the twenty first century, although I suspect the editorial department of the Thanet Times and Gazette is stuck in a different time zone somewhere around the 1950's, crikey even the Mail online carried uncensored photos.


  1. Whenever The Thanet Times have requested photos of my work for publishing they've always said "Bums are fine, but no nipples"!

  2. To be honest I didn't look at the picture long enough to notice, must be old age

  3. Tony, you are just a pervert !

  4. Lets hope anon 408 is not a response from KRN editorial dept