Saturday, August 07, 2010

No limits on Kent council credit card

Over the years I've been writing this blog, a rich vein of material has been provided by Paul Carters Conservative KCC administration, at some considerable cost to the taxpayer. All sorts of waste, millions on half baked ideas, like links to Virginia, Kent TV, Health watch, Icelandic banks, bonuses paid out to fat cat officers for simply doing their jobs, all the while, services to children and the elderly are being cut.

It seems that officers and KCC councillors, maintain a taste for the high life, whilst you and I are wondering if we will have a job next week or can pay our bills, top knobs even on their way out, have no such worries, if they fancy a meeting or a trip, why not! with the exclusive KCC credit card no worries!. 

Expenses include a meal costing £360 at Rules a top restaurant, now retired (Hurrah!) chief exec Peter Gilroy on a trip up to Edinburgh (£800 approx) with deputy Tory Leader Alex King just to celebrate the nomination of a film for an award it didn't win, you've probably never heard of "The Calling" which also cost a further 75,000 pounds of Kent public money. Breakfast for KCC Chief Executive & Chief Constable how expensive could that be, McDonalds maybe an Egg Sausage McMuffin and cup of coffee or a cafe for a  full English breakfast what are we looking at a tenner? No of coarse not 47quid KCC credit card that will do nicely! welcome around the world at the more expensive establishments.

One thing is clear to me, the concept that Kent Council is funded by your hard earned money doesn't seem to register with Kent's Tories or senior officers, as it seems any time is the right time spend big on hospitality and why not when you can just whop out your KCC Credit Card.

I find the words to characterise such behaviour difficult, not because I can't think of them but because I have no wish to offend Kent's top knobs, still words I don't think apply to such spending are reasonable, understandable, acceptable.

Paul Carter's Conservative administration seems to be punctuated by extraordinary waste here's my advice STOP WASTING TAXPAYER MONEY ON LUDICROUS VENTURES. To Conservative county councillors dump Paul Carter now. Taxpayers expect public services, not public excess on expenses.

Finally if you'd like to live like Kent's top bods it seems, you could always try London restaurant Rules, and assuming your paying with your own money I'm sure the meal probably taste better. Click Here it looks very good indeed


  1. The question should be how many of those near the top of KCC are advisors/consultants elsewhere and how much extra they earn as a result! These people are supposed to be working full time for the council but can still pull in the money doing other things. How wrong is that!

  2. Anon 8.47 you need to remember that cllrs unlike paid employees of KCC are only expected to give some of their time to KCC. That is what the basic allowance of £12K is meant to compensate them for. You can always check the cllrs interest reports on the KCC website to see what other employment each cllr lists and what gift and hospitality they have received as a result of being a KCC cllr. Of course there are some career cllrs that work for many of the public bodies connected to KCC but they are supposed to declare their interests when speaking at meetings.

    You may also think there is no such thing as a free lunch!. cllr Carter has listed a few in his
    members interest report including trips to Sweden and Paris. But whether he should accept dinner from Sir Terry Farrell is another matter as his company produced the 21st Centry Kent report and I presume they got paid for it. I trust this reort was put out to tender.

  3. Basic allowance is £13,000 pa - Conservatives gave themselves an 8%increase after 2009 council election (same year voted a 1% increase for staff).