Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm not to keen on a horses but could I borrow a car instead?

I see that the metropolitan police, loaned Rebekah Brooks, a horse, such was and maybe still is the relationship between News International and London's finest.

Assuming the met accept the principle of equal opportunities, I wonder if I could loan one of those cars they have with blue flashing lights discreetly hidden in the grill.

I'll put my own fuel in it, but it would come in handy getting to and fro from work.

PS I'll be kinder in future with my comments.


  1. You'd have to sell your soul though Tony, I'm not sure that is such a good deal. The dodgy parties would not be eveyone's cup of tea either.

  2. So did the Met say to Rebecca "would you ike a horse"? or did Rebecca say to the Met "can I have a horse"? Either way it demonstrates a very cosy arrangement. Oh to have friend in high places.

  3. So where's the big deal. The bioys in blue lend a lady journalist a retired old nag. Presumably she fed, watered and stabled it so nothing there for the RSPCA to get excited about. It was retired, so not robbing some pony cop of a mount for the latest riot. Were the London Council tax payers robbed, I think not so, like I said, where is the big deal.

    How about head butting gay MPs in the Strangers Bar as a better story to get our heads round?

  4. Or a Liberal Democrat ex-Cabinet Minister accused of being a liar and a cheat drawing his £17,000 "severance pay" on resigning his office? Strange that on the public-sector employee-hating Big News Margate this apparent excess has not been vilified.

  5. Anon 1.17, by the same token the Met could lend Tony one of their old cars or even a bike. I am sure he would take good care of it.

  6. "head butting gay MPs" ?
    I think you will find that the person doing the butting was straight.

    The bigger issue is why a place of work has to have bars in it in this day and age. And subsidised at that.
    We recently had Kent MP Mark Reckless being too drunk in the house to vote and I am sure these are not the only examples.
    Most employers do not allow drinking on site.

  7. Strange silence from Liberal Democrat Tony Flaig over Chris Huhne, despite his constant, loud and visceral attacks on public servants over recent months. Obviously the truth is so inconvenient for those who go in for political hypocrisy.

  8. Tony is as selective with his criticism as Ian Driver and John Worrow are with theirs. It's a shame he wasn't elected as a councillor as he would've fit in perfectly.

  9. Not strange at all 9:43 Chris Huhne is subject to the legal system, as I understand it, you are not allowed to discuss such matters in any way that might prejudice a trial.

    Admittedly in recent years newspapers and other media have been in contempt but some of us bloggers have higher standards.

    No hacking or bribery from Bignews Margate, also most readers appreciate this blog being independent of party politics.

    As to anon 4 10, I believe I have some manners unlike a few of our local councillors who indulge in abuse when in the wrong, so I doubt I'd fit.

  10. Nice try oh slippery one (Tony) but the issue of the allegedly lying, cheating Huhne taking his £17000 Ministerial "severance" has nothing to do with his trial and is a fair discussion point. Of course no Liberal Democrat will be prepared to discuss such hypocrisy will they? That prospect sank with the rest of your Party's standards, principles and morals.

  11. Number 10 silent on whether David Cameron used Rebekah Brooks' police horse

    Downing Street has refused to disclose whether David Cameron used the police horse lent to Rebekah Brooks on riding trips together.