Sunday, February 05, 2012

Shock Horror - Thanet disrupted by a bit of Snow

Who could have predicted that a few inches of snow could interrupt travel and business to the extent that it has today.

How is it that South Eastern Trains in the days of Twitter Facebook and all those other internet resources, could not communicate, the fact that trains leaving from Minster were basically stuffed, checking on the internet South Eastern were optimistically and with no apparent  reference to reality was suggesting that trains were "on time", which according to Mrs Me was certainly not the case.

Eventually Mrs Me got a train from Faversham, and missed the kick off at Chelsea, and is not happy, not following these things myself, I suggested that at least she'd seen a few goals, not knowing that Chelsea were at one point 3 up against M U, I expect she'll be writing a letter tomorrow to South Eastern, and I suspect by the end of the week they'll be ignoring it.

Anyhoo I got to shop up at a deserted Westwood, only interrupted with an irate phone call, but really how difficult could it be to sort out, our transport systems, and how come the roads are in such a poor state, Kent Highways are in my opinion useless, you see them out gritting on mild winter evenings, and the first snow flake....

Just as I finished this posting, I kid you not, I  came across this from another blogger Chris Scoggins who is happy to state on his blog "I'm Chris Scoggins, the Chief Executive of National Rail Enquiries – a privately-owned company that runs one of the UK’s top websites and one of the busiest telephone services."  even better I note that not only are trains late but such is the culture at National Rail Enquires, his New Year Greetings, are not posted until 20th of January!

Mrs Me, has now arrived home and will be sending a letter, to perhaps Mr Scroggins tomorrow, maybe something along the lines Dear Mr Scoggins how is it that four people contacted independently, rail enquires to be told that trains were running as scheduled from Minster, only to find this couldn't be further from the truth, why couldn't you and your flippin colleagues give the correct information.


  1. I'm guessing his website is run by the same people who run TDC's websites.

    What were the pavements like at Westwood Cross Tony? I suspect a damn sight clearer than in Margate High Street.

  2. I am surprised that you are surprised.
    At least the rail people know where Minster is, unlike the muppet prsenters on kmfm a week ago who were at Turner Contemporary and insisted on calling it Tate Modern and they were not joking either.
    If only Thanet had a reliable and professsional local talk radio station that could issue up to date and accurate news as it happens. Then we would all be better informed.
    I don't miss much about working in London, but oh how I miss LBC 97.3

  3. Snow and ice were present up at Westwood but a clear path had been created for shoppers, it's how the commercial world operate, not having ventured into Margate, I can only image that damn all is being done to clear paths, if Kent Highways lamentable efforts are indicative.

    Just on the rail it seems that Mrs Me was lucky listening to the radio this morning it seems that between network rail, southeastern and rail enquiries no competent system exist to give travellers reliable information. No surprise