Tuesday, February 14, 2012

TAXI! Youtube video should it be used in private disputes - I think not

When was the last time you ended an evening out, a little less considerate and respectful, perhaps maybe some of your judgement having been eroded by a few to many vodka and cokes or in my case Kronenbourg 1664.

Anyhow I understand that a local taxi driver who has had allegations made against him by customer, has now posted what appears to have been a secretly recorded film, I stumbled upon this as a caught up reading comments from an earlier post, where an anonymous contributor had linked to a you tube video showing a customer complaining in the back of a taxi, which I guess was filmed as some young women returned home.

A bit annoyed that someone posted this video on my site, I contacted the company that was mentioned as employing the taxi driver, not surprisingly they are equally upset as this does no good for their reputation, I understand that the company concerned is and understandably trying to get Youtube to remove the offending material.

Now I know that many taxi drivers see video recording as a protection aswell as being useful evidence should it be necessary, a fair point however the video is not apparently a complete record of the conversation because it starts mid conversation, and this is where I feel customers are more than entitled to being safe guarded, and I understand the company involved feel similarly, we do not know what preceeded or even how things finished so it could be entirely misleading.

Understand this much any moron can post a comment to this site, but if I become aware I will delete content, to protect reputations, I don't always read every comment but please email if you have any concerns tonyflaig@gmail.com and if I don't reply please email till I do since some emails also get missed.

So if you have a private personal dispute, please keep it so, don't litter my blog with it.


  1. Quite right Tony. Leave secret recordings to journalists... More seriously, taxi drivers should use this equipment but it shouldn't be released openly like this. It just causes too much trouble.

  2. The taxi firm mentioned by anonymous are not happy neither are I suspect the newspaper referred to in the film.

    See when people go on about surveillance cameras in taxis and justify it with safety arguments it doesn't help when someone, just uses it in this way whatever their motivation.

    Assuming this was posted by the taxi driver in the film he's clearly done no favours to his colleagues by using the film in this way.

  3. All public servants should be recorded for our own protection not the other way round.We are living in a police state where we need protecting from the police and others....

  4. I've seen the video, and so has a friend who told me that this particular driver has quite a bad reputation.

  5. I represent the taxi firm in question and we are not in any way responsible for the posting of this clip. This is the drivers own personal CCTV system which he has installed in his vehicle. The purpose of CCTV in cabs is to protect the driver and customer alike, but should only be viewed by authorised personel ie TDC staff or the Police in order to settle any disputes or accusations. We totally disagree with the use of the CCTV in this manner and would like to apologise to the customers involved. The driver in question is no longer with us.

  6. No it shouldn't be aired in public without the consent of the passengers.

    The driver claims that there are criminal proceedings pending, but I fear he may have shot himself in the foot. He could well be taken to the cleaners himself for posting this security footage.

    That aside, the driver has certainly raised some other important issues with this clip.

    There's the matter of privacy, as our world hurtles toward a 1984 style police surveillance grid; do we really want to be recorded and tracked 24/7?

    If the answer is no, then now is the time to do something about it.

    Then there is the question of why our youth feel the need to get paralytic drunk and obnoxious on a night out.

    Could it be that state education is failing us, or perhaps that the ministry of truth tends to glamorise boozing, for some strange reason?

    Maybe it's the vaccines, the food additives, mass-media brain damage, poor diet? Whatever the cause, it is disheartening to witness the performance of these three young women, regardless of what the dispute was about.