Monday, February 27, 2012

Missy the football spectator

If you think I'm currently lacking inspiration, you could be right, anyway scraping the bottom of the blogging barrel for content, I've come up with Missy the cat, I could of course pick up of one or two local stories Cllr Ian Driver, upset about something or other, Kent council doing its best to curb the access to information

I even thought of commenting on scarf wearing at airports, but have no desire to be arrested for what was once considered free speech.

Murdoch is also someone who needs commenting on, it seems that with so much needing to be resolved at news international, particularly the suspicion that hacking and bribery of public officials is as bad as it looks, perhaps Rupert a man with such passion for news papers, would be able to add valuable insight to police enquiries, whilst he's in this country.

Well at least the family cat Missy has her eye on the ball.


  1. First reported here:

  2. Great vid Tony, hardly scraping the barrel. Wasn't Peter Bonetti nicknamed 'The Cat', or was it Banksy?

    So they want to put a price on freedom of information? A predictable move, considering that monetization is the way everything is controlled. Everything is a market, and you can bet that the price will be just beyond most people's budget. But it is encouraging to see mainstream journalists getting uppity about it.

    The crack about the yashmak could well be misconstrued as a racist comment by someone only playing with a less than full deck, which is what most of these airport security people are (do they not realise that the new scanners are administering a slow-kill dose of lethal radiation every time they are operated?).

    Anyone else would realise that Fireman Dave was having a swipe at the absurdity of the Al Qaeda myth, an observation that seems to have escaped the BBC.

    The TSA airport security pervs are now being deployed landside across the USA, on freeways, railway stations, sports stadia etc.

    They are not there to stop terrorism, because we all know who the real culprits are, and most of them fly private, but no, the TSA's task is to teach the 'great unwashed' who's boss, the Nazis did EXACTLY the same thing.