Saturday, February 04, 2012

Missy the Cat

I thought I'd not blog today, so instead here's some pictures of Missy the new family cat, admittedly there are plenty more serious subjects to choose from locally and the greater world, stuff like Sainsbury's proposed new supermarket, which if it goes ahead will make traveling out of Margate a mission, as of course will the wretched plan to allow Tesco, to occupy an incongruous location for massive supermarket on the front of Margate seafront and of course not forgetting the equally out of place "occupy protest" outside the Turner Gallery 

Still its the weekend and for once I'm  not working, I hope to get down to see the elements and hope to be the first local blogger to resist the temptation of engaging with anti capitalist protesters, a tall order indeed, which thus far neither Michael Child, Luke Edwards, Simon Moores has resisted, perhaps Peter Checksfield could do a photo shoot for his blog, for myself I might fail to resist the urge to suggest they get a job (yes I accept that the protesters if not in full time employment are actively seeking work by seeking the downfull of the capitalist system).

Anyway this blogger shall mainly be concerned with occupying a comfortable armchair at Flaig Mansions enjoying the company of family, watchin telly, observing as the cat continues her education, dark thoughts of gready bankers, bent politicians can at least wait till Sunday.


  1. How do you know they don't have jobs or maybe they are students?
    Your stereotype meter is working on peak.

    1. 9 08 your own prejudice result in reading difficulties missing "I accept that the protesters if not in full time employment are actively seeking work ....

  2. If they're students then shouldn't they be studying? Just saying.

  3. Missy looks like a cute little bundle of mischief.

    The occupy folk's time might be better spent getting their heads around this.

  4. Kwik Fit
    Soap Powder
    Car Wash

    @Peter Checksfield

    I know I should do what I've seen many others doing recently, and just pretend everything you've written just isn't there. Clearly the general consensus is ignore this asshat and hopefully, at some point, he'll get on his bike (because he can't drive). Really I just came here to say " Do you even think your *coughs* responses out before posting them? "

    If they're students then shouldn't they be studying?

    Your response doesn't even deserve acknowledgement, but I'm feeling generous. If your premise were correct, then if you are - as you claim - a photographer shouldn't you be taking photographs ? Oh wait, nobody wants you to take their photograph.....

    I'm hoping my new Boolean search parameters will exclude your posts in future. I rather fear it might exclude any blog you spout drivel on though. Possibly worth it .

  5. I guess all the photos / models on my blog are figments of my (& everyone else's) imagination then my little insomniac friend... I even had someone contact me just now because they wanted some outdoors nude pics in the snow, but I declined as I didn't want to get my hands cold.

  6. Like you Tony I wouldn't be seen dead at the Occupy "camp"! What's the point talking to a bunch of soap-dodging hippies!

    The Daily Mail says they're all dole scroungers or students and that the tents are all empty anyway: they're probably all down the pub spending our hard earned taxes!