Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Religious interference I've had enough

Is it now time, to outlaw religious interference in everyday life. The last few months seem to have been dominated by what I can only describe as religious nutters.

Whether it is the Middle-East, where barbaric crimes are committed on a daily basis by various religious factions or loopy interference in our daily lives by Christians Jews or whatever is it not time that the media stopped reporting every jumped up spokesperson for religious factions in our society.

Two stories, in the last week also seem to exemplify what I mean, last week I believe that Prince Charles (apparently a fairly mystical person himself) seems to be proposing that he have 2 coronations, admittedly I didn't read any detail because the whole idea in itself, is nauseating, but if I'm guessing correctly one coronation will be for Christians and the other for a multitude of other faiths, why not have one for cynical atheists such as myself, in fact why bother, please may we have a Republic where I could be a citizen and not a subject of the Royal family who are themselves just so many random chromosomes.

The other story of religious interference, comes from the Reverend George Hargreaves a Pentecostal minister who in a previous time was a music mogul, and has apparently promised £50,000 to a group of firemen who have been disciplined, for refusing to hand out safety leaflets at some gay pride do, I personally think that gay or not people, are entitled to this sort of information and, public employees such as firemen, should not pick and choose who they give safety information to.

I believe that humanity has evolved since, the Middle Ages and it is about time, religious groups took responsibility for their intolerance, bigotry and harm done.

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  1. One law for them one for us.
    If I walked into a bank with my crash helmet on I would most proborbly be asked to remove it by a security person, Can you imagin the out cry if one of the vailed people were asked the same thing.